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"Aoh well dats just great. Now both mah daghs is dead!"
Pipeline Fever


Remy (voiced by Mike Schatz) is the owner and operator of Remy's Bayou Airboats and has appeared only in the episode Pipeline Fever.

When Archer and Lana arrive to rent an airboat from him they find out that he not only has the only one available for 50 miles, but that "it reserved" for Joshua Gray, as we find out later. And despite a presumably generous offer from Lana and Archer, he will not be bribed for the use of it. Prompting Archer to commandeer said aforementioned airboat.

Remy is the archetype of a Deep South Bayou dweller, with a thick drawl, facial hair, and sporting a Confederate Flag hat. To complete the image he even has an old coon hound lounging at his feet.

Remy had two dogs previously, Old Dan died before the events of this episode and Annie died in her sleep probably within moments of Archer and Lana arriving. Old Dan and Annie (Little Ann) are Redbone Coonhounds. Old Dan is buried at the base of a cypress tree; growing next to his grave is a red fern.


  • Old Dan and Little Ann (Annie) were the names of the two Redbone Coonhounds from the novel "Where the Red Fern Grows."

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