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Reiko also known as the Dingo was a skilled Japanese assassin whom Archer encountered on his first mission.


During Archer's first mission as a spy, he met Reiko in Japan and the two spent time together, with Archer falling in love with her. The two ultimately slept together, with Reiko telling him he should simply go by Archer, because it suited him. After Archer manages to protect Kodo from the first assassination, he meets up with Reiko and she tells him that McGinley may be the culprit behind the shooting. At a Sumo match with Kodo, his senior agent McGinley tells Archer to do a sweep of the area, which Archer is concern about and starts to suspect Reiko might be right and he's up to something. Just than Archer meets Reiko who shows up and after a brief talk they go back to the match, but Archer finds that his pass was stolen by Reiko, who reveals herself to be the assassin "Dingo" and she kills Kodo and fatally shoots McGinley and escapes.

Years later in the present, Archer, Lana Kane, and Algernop Krieger head to Japan, after receiving word of the "Dingo" has resurfaced. They use William as bait but Lana pulled him away, thus ruining the trap and angering Archer even further. However, they finally manage to bring out the "Dingo" aka Reiko who is now older and Archer and the others chase her across town. Reiko manages to shoot Lana in the leg, leaving Archer to chase Reiko alone. Along the way, they casually catch up on old times and their current lives before he corners her to the rooftop of a building. Trapped, Reiko tries to convince Archer to run away with her and as they lean to seemingly kiss, but this proves to be a lie as Reiko stabs Archer on his side. However, he expected her betrayal and shoots her with a hidden gun from his cane, leaving her heavily wounded. Backing up, they share one last lovely stare with each other, before she falls off the roof.

Lana shows up and helps a wounded Archer walk and he notes this happened before, so he goes over to see if she really died. Upon seeing her corpse on the ground, he confirms her death and is relieved.


When first seen, Reiko is shown to be a kind party loving woman who formed a relationship even giving him advice. This led to him falling for her, leading to their sexual encounter. However, her kindness masked her true persona, which was a skilled manipulator who got with the young agent to throw him off her tracks and betraying him when the moment presented itself. Reiko was quite skilled at her job, showing great focus that allowed her to not only fool Archer but his mentor, then escaping with no problem.

When she met Archer again, she wasted no time trying to kill him again only to fail. Despite their circumstances, she seemed genuinely happy to see him again even catching up with while being chased and joking about their sexual encounter after hearing his improvements. However, Reiko tried to manipulate him one last time and injured him, but this move ultimately proved her downfall, as Archer had learned from his encounters with her and wounded her. Before she fell to her demise, she shared one last lovely stare with him, showing that Reiko may have actually really cared about him and was happy with his improvement as an agent.


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