First appearance Honeypot
Eyes Yellow
Hair Grey/White
Personal Life

Sterling Archer (Owner)

Woodhouse (Caretaker)
Reggie is a ring-tailed lemur that Sterling Archer stole during a drunken night of partying. 

At first, he was quite unmanageable as he got into Sterling's pudding cups (and also bit a prostitute). He has since become more tame. Woodhouse named the Lemur after Reggie Thistleton, the pilot he served under during World War I. He also taught the lemur to tie off his arm to help him shoot up heroin and work the stereo ("Be a lad. Put on some Mingus.").


  • In "Job Offer," the lemur assists Woodhouse in shooting up heroin.
  • Reggie the lemur is used as an excuse for Archer to meet Lucas Troy in The Wind Cries Mary. (Lana says Archer bought the lemur, likely from its original owner) (Pam says "That Lemur's hosed" in reference to Reggie when it is discovered Archer requisitioned two HK MP5s from the ISIS armory rather than a tranquilizer gun)
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