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"You scoundrel! Is that brandy?"

Captain Reginald "Reggie" Thistleton was an British fighter pilot during World War I. He is voiced by Roy McCrerey.


Before the Series[]

Woodhouse served as his batman (officer's personal attendant) during World War I. It's possible that he went to school with Woodhouse but it's possible that Woodhouse's memory was failing him. Reggie and Woodhouse developed unspoken, homosexual feelings for each other, however they never acted on them. This relationship made a fellow pilot, Lt. Scripes, jealous.

As Captain of the Double Deuce Squadron, he noticed his men were getting depressed. Reggie started a tontine with the rest of the pilots and soldier servants. It began with 1,200 British pounds and over the course of several decades worked its way up in value to over $1 million US dollars.

When Reggie was shot down and his plane crash landed in No Man's Land, they were forbidden to rescue him. Woodhouse went anyway. He provided Reggie with a cigarette, the light of which allowed the enemy enough visibility to shoot Thistleton through the neck. The death caused Woodhouse to go into a homocidal rage and kill around 50 German soldiers with his knife. He was discharged from the service because he scalped all his enemies.[1]

Season 2[]

"The Double Deuce"[]

Woodhouse paid several tributes to Reggie. He named his bar "Reggie's Bar" and he named the lemur that Sterling Archer stole Reggie. After Archer is born, he asks Malory if his middle name could be Reginald. Malory responds by saying that it's a little "too gay," which is ironic, given that she would eventually give her son her own name as a middle name.

After several members of the Double Deuce Squadron died, Scripes came to visit with Woodhouse and Corporal Bishop. Scripes brought Reggie's old Webley Revolver to give to Woodhouse as a sort of a peace offering. Scripes also had feelings for Reggie, and his final words were, "I'm coming Reggie!"


"You scoundrel! Is that brandy?"
"No, sir. Water."
"Never touched the stuff. Fish fuck in it."
—Reggie and Woodhouse[src]

Reggie has been known to hate water, as when Woodhouse gives him some, Reggie refuses it, saying, "Fish fuck in it."


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