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Red beer poster in "Bloody Ferlin".

Red Beer is a drink that Pam, and occasionally Archer, consume. 

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Red Beer Poster


Red beer has been featured in the following episodes of Archer: 


Pam's empty Red Beer cans from "Legs".


Archer drinking Red Beer in the back of a truck in "Midnight Ron".

Red Beer has a stereotyped caricature of a Native American man on the poster, and is outlined in red. In "Southbound and Down" on the can the picture is of an eagle outlined in red, except for one shot when Pam tips the can back to drink when it changes back to the man. Pam is usually the person who consumes it, but on occasion, Archer and Lana have also. 

Archer Sea Tunt 2 Krieger Red Beer

Krieger modifying an MP5 after drinking Red Beer in "Sea Tunt: Part II".


Archer drinks a Red Beer.


  • The origins of Red Beer are unknown, though it is probably a beer made in the USA. 
  • Red Beer has been around "Since 1844", which was also the year that Pabst Blue Ribbon was established.
  • 6% ABV
  • Comes in bottles, as well as in cans. The bottles come in 12 and 40oz. 
  • Slogan is: "Brewed for that old world taste".