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Pamela is Cool Runnings, Man!

Rasta Pam had a one off appearance in A Going Concern (s2e2). She claims to have been recently deported from Jamaica but for reasons unknown - due to her ganga obsession, it was possibly cannabis related.


Rasta Pam wears

  • cornrows
  • a jumper with rasta colours (the red, gold and green of the flag of Ethiopia)
    Blob marley copy

    "Blob Marley"

  • a pot leaf pin, and 
  • resembles her office hacky sack in that they are both an 'amorphous Rasta blob' (according to Archer). 


Cultural (Mis) Appropriation

  • refers to herself in the third person as 'Blob Marley.'
  • the wearing of cornrows by white people is deemed 'misappropriation' by some.

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