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"Just be glad that the disk did not fall into the wrong hands... like your government, or mine."
"I'm just surprised that Castro would OK an operation with such potential to embarrass the Soviets."
"He is... unpredictable."
—Ramon Limon and Malory Archer[src]

Ramon Limon is a former spy for Fidel Castro, who left because Castro "hates the gays." His voice is provided by Ron Perlman.


Season 1[]


Ramon obtained a copy of the sex tape made by Nikolai Jakov and attempted to blackmail Malory Archer with it. As a countermeasure, Malory sent her son Sterling Archer to run a honeypot operation against Ramon. The operation called for Archer to seduce Ramon into having sex while being videotaped, so Malory could counter-blackmail Ramon.

Archer arrives, wearing an extremely revealing outfit. Ramon, however, dismisses Archer as "not [his] type". Archer later meets Ramon at a bar called The Cockfight, where Ramon distracts Archer long enough to get out of the bar for Archer to notice.

Archer later makes a proposition to Ramon: if Archer can beat Ramon at jai alai, then Ramon will have sex with Archer. Ramon accepts and ends up knocking Archer out cold with a pelota flying at over 200 miles per hour.

Archer wakes up in Ramon's apartment, where Ramon reveals that he knows who Archer is. Ramon and Sterling find they have a lot in common, especially concerning their controlling and manipulative mothers. Suddenly, Ramon's apartment is attacked by Charles and Rudy, who reveal that they are hitmen who were hired by Fidel Castro to eliminate Ramon.

Archer and Ramon fight Charles and Rudy. After Archer gets shot, he comes up with an idea to blow up the kitchen (where Charles and Rudy are) so that Ramon can renovate, as he hated the current decorations. Archer points a claymore at Charles and Rudy, which seemingly kills them. Ramon tells Archer that he must leave, since Castro will keep sending hitmen. Archer suggests they "shoot the shit out of [the bedroom]."

Season 5[]

"Archer Vice: A Kiss While Dying"[]

After the disbanding of ISIS, the main cast of the series becomes a drug cartel. They attempt to sell 20 kilograms of cocaine to one of Malory Archer's contacts, which turns out to be none other than Ramon. Ramon later introduces Archer and Pam to Charles and Rudy, since, according to Charles, they are "BFF's" now. Charles and Rudy give Archer, Lana and Pam $1 million for the cocaine (some of which Pam had already eaten), only to dupe them and take the cocaine (and the money) for themselves.

Ramon apologizes to Archer and Pam before agreeing to kill them and take the money. Ramon and Archer fight Charles and Rudy again. Charles and Rudy are seemingly killed, but Ramon is fatally shot in the process. Ramon convinces Archer to kiss him as he dies (which Lana Kane witnesses and never ceases to tease him about).

After the ISIS group takes the money (which turned out to be counterfeit), Ramon is later seen with Charles and Rudy, who faked their deaths with the help of blood packets and blanks. Charles angrily tells Ramon that it is because of him that they lost the counterfeit money. Ramon tells him that ISIS thinks they are dead, so they wouldn't think to come after the three. Charles tells Ramon that it was still an incredibly stupid plan.



  • In a promo for Season 5, Ramon is seen showing Archer his kitchen, in which Archer has a bloody head wound, much like in "Honeypot."
  • Ramon's last name is Spanish for "lemon", albeit without the accent mark over the "o." It's possible that this is a reference to him being a "fruit."
    • In certain types of pornography, the phrase "Lemon" also refers to sex scenes, or implies sexual content, usually homosexual.
  • Ramon possibly derives his namesake from Ramón Mercader, a mexican KGB agent who assasinated Leon Trotsky.
  • Ramon is one of many characters who appear on the ISIS teleprompter while Malory and Sterling are negotiating with kidnappers.
  • When in the Miami cafe, he reassures his mother that he has a girlfriend in Spanish over the phone.



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