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Archer using the RPG to blast the armory door.


RPG-7 sold from ISIS Armory

The RP

 better known as a rocket launcher is a weapon that is used by ISIS field agents if they want to be like Tony Montana from Al Pacheco's Scarface.


The rocket-propelled grenade, RPG-7, is a Russian designed, widely-produced, portable, shoulder-fired, anti-materiel weapons system. It fires an explosive warhead that is affixed to a rocket motor and stabilized in flight with fins. The RPG-7 weighs around 15 pounds (loaded), has a muzzle velocity of 115 meters per second and an effective range of 920 meters before self-detonation.

RPG's are seen in the ISIS armory and are sold along with other ISIS equipment by employees in an effort to recover their lost 401K's in "Jeu Monegasque".

It was used by Archer in "Legs" to blow out the ISIS armory door, but to his dismay, the armory door held up. In this episode, it is referred to by Malory and Archer as a rocket launcher. 

In "White Elephant" Archer had a vision of the future, and Cheryl was seen holding the RPG-7 and shooting it in a wedding dress, while Pam is driving a car, telling someone on the phone that, "We just started a frickin' coup!"