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Balls made of pussy

Dude, your balls are made of pussy!

Whether it's calling into question Archer 's manhood, mentioning Malory's office pastimes or lavishing praise on Lana's, pussy jokes get as much of a look in (phrasing?) as dick jokes. Sometimes in your face and sometimes tucked away, they always reveal a laugh.

In Your Face (explicit)[]

Here's a Pammy double-whammy-combo balls/pussy joke from Archer Vice: On the Carpet (s5e9):

Malory: "Because you are a timid man Cyril."
Cyril: "What? No I'm not!"
Pam: "Dude your balls are made of pussy!"
Archer: "Hahahahahahaha! Ow!"

Country Matters (implied)[]

In Reignition Sequence (s6e10), Krieger suggests finding a a woman for Archer based on his preference for the hunt:

Pam: C'mon, let's pick a hooker!
Krieger: One that Archer's never had sex with 
Group: Huh?
Cheryl: Is there one?
Krieger: You're forgetting what the largest sex organ on the human body is...
Cyril: The penis?
Pam: I was gonna say vagina.
Cheryl: I was gonna say Pam's vagina.
Ray: Me too!
Krieger: The brain.
Group: Ewwww!
Krieger: Not like that - what is wrong with you people?
Pam: Ray's missing a hand!
Krieger: Archer won't risk his relationship with Lana for a previous conquest - especially a prostitute. For a man like him it's all about the hunt.
Pam: Well they're all gonna have -
Krieger: I said "hunt"
Pam: Ow. Still though...


Katya reveals her filthy side in Reignition Sequence (s6e10):

Katya:  "Let's get you out of these wet things and into something-"
Archer:  "-dry?"
Katya:  "Oh I can promise you, it is not dry"
[Champagne cork pops suggestively]
Archer:  "blorp"


Ray snarkily jokes at Malory's elderly status in Fugue and Riffs (s4e1):

Malory: I'm off to get a sea food wrap.
Ray: I didn't know they made sushi with dried clams.