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Popeye is the second owner of the dry cleaners at ISIS in Archer. He is a former pimp and loan shark with whom Sterling Archer is well acquainted. Popeye is voiced by Clarke Peters.[1]

In A Going Concern, Popeye becomes the new owner of the ISIS front business when he buys the cleaners from Malory Archer.


  • Popeye was referenced during season 1 of Archer by Trinette (in "Training Day") and Woodhouse (in "Job Offer"), but made his first appearance in the season 2 episode, "A Going Concern."
  • Archer had gotten a bullet-proof door for his apartment ever since the "Popeye incident."[2]
  • Since becoming the owner of ISIS's dry cleaners front, he has renamed the store "Popeye's Suds and Duds" (in "El Secuestro")
  • Archer considers him an enemy.
  • Popeye is left handed, as seen in "A Going Concern."


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