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Poovey (Dreamland), or Detective Lieutenant Poovey, is the dream persona of Pam Poovey in Season 8: Dreamland.


  • Male
  • Stocky build
  • Short, blond hair
  • Wears a trilby, waist coat and long overcoat 

Character Traits[]

  • Jocular
  • Good-natured / "good cop"
  • Aloof

Plot Involvements[]

As a police lieutenant, Poovey gets on well with private eye Archer, but not especially well with his partner, Figgis. He helped Archer rescue the whores which the mobster, Len Trexler, was smuggling into the country and for which Figgis had been paid off to allow in. Being of good character, he helps the whores hide out at his apartment, on condition that the whores cook and clean for him. Having shot three of Trexler's goons he is deeply involved in Trexler's subsequent manhunt - in more ways than one: along with Figgis, he is ironically compelled by Trexler to hunt for himself and Archer. 

In one of his flash-forwards, he is shown attending the graduation of his hypothetical Chinese-American children.



Cultural References[]

  • Lemon Pledge (1958): A well known cleaning brand.
  • Orange Chicken: A variation of General Tso's chicken, this Chinese dish popular in North American Chinese restaurants, but rarely found in China. 


  • The biggest difference between Poovey and the original Pam is that Poovey is male. Despite this, he still possesses Pam's feminine facial features and is still voiced by her usual actress Amber Nash.


Trexler: "I do not want the money - that is why I exchanged the money for goods and/or services. Which is the core concept of economics."
Poovey: "Isn't it sugar?... Or like, scarcity. Of sugar."


Figgis: "I don't even know where to think about thinking to start looking..."
[cuts to Poovey's apartment earlier that day]
Poovey: "OK! OK! OK! Goddammit! OK. I gotta go to work - but I'll be back tonight and when get back I wouldn't mind if the place smelled like Lemon Pledge and Orange Chicken."
[back to the car]
Poovey: "Mmmmaybe China Town?"
Figgis: "Oh yeah! Hey and while we're at it, why not regular China."
Poovey: "Or maybe Sarcastic Island off the coast of Thatwasuncalledfor."
Figgis: "Will you shut up?!"
Poovey: "Gladly."


[Pam looks at Lana’s dead body, before looking back at Archer]

Archer: What the hell are you looking at?!

Poovey: No, just- Ok, she’s dead?

Archer: Yes! She’s dead. Forever, and ever, on infinite f***ing earths!

[The camera cuts back to Krieger mourning the loss of his creations.]

Archer: Shut up. And give me that. [Archer takes the briefcase from Cyril.]

Archer: *sigh* Poovey, I’m giving you half.

Poovey: Of the money?!

Archer: But you have to promise me to put those Chinese ladies up in business.

Poovey: Oh my god I have so many ideas!

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