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"Photo Op" is the fourth episode of the twelfth season of Archer, being the one-hundred and twenty-second episode overall.



Archer and Lana face off against snakes, crocodiles and mercenaries to reunite a family.


Archer and Lana are in the African Mountains on an environmental mission to help a group of all female Anti-Poaching squad " led by Neva" return a baby gorilla to its family and keep them safe from danger, while also promoting their agency with Cloudbeam marketing team help. Sandra who they previously met, acts as the UN liaison and camera holder goes with them on their mission.

Back at the agency Malory is discussing a environmental changes in the office with Cyril and Krieger, who has design a energy saving AI program called " Cereberus" to help control temperature and lighting, much to Cyril's concern. while Cheryl hires a intern to help do all of her work. However, it quickly turns into a typical " AI takeover " scenario and tries to kill them by turning up the heat and shortening their oxygen. But it is then destroyed by the intern Cheryl hired, but then gets fired.

On the mission, Archer hits on Neva " who is not interested in him" and connects with the baby gorilla, who he names "Poko". While Lana once again complains about her husband to Sandra and remembers how passionate she uses to be about the environment. They reach the river bank, but they are attacked by the poachers and have no weapons to defend themselves. Archer uses his cane, shoots darts at two of the poachers and take their guns to drive them out. Archer then saves Poko from a crocodile. Later as they're crossing the river, Sandra talks Lana into making her the agency liaison for environmental work.

Archer confronts the leader of the poachers, who reveals the land has valuable rare metals which mining companies will pay handsomely to rid the area of endangered animals. He then threatens to kill Poko's family along with Archer and his group. However, he's distracted by Sandra and Lana and Neva overpower him and beat him senseless while Archer watches in delight.

Poko is reunited with her family and the mission is a complete success. Lana looks over the African land with Neva and is amazed on how beautiful the world really is; and feels nothing. Then she is bitten by a venomous snake and falls down, while Neva watches in annoyance and disapproval.


Cultural References[]

  • Archer sarcastically rebuts that "whores" are now called "sex workers", referring to the 2020's trend of supporting sex work for becoming a legitimate business market.
  • Mogambo - Archer references the 1953 film and likens their situation of being in a remote African outpost to the movie.
  • Cerebro - Krieger has been working on a project called "Cereberus" and says it is different from Cerebro, referring to Professor X's computer from X-men.
  • Planet of the Apes (1968) - Archer talks about how its best he didn't teach Poko the gorilla to use a gun because "We've all seen that classic film".
  • 2001: Space Odyssey - Krieger creates an advanced AI that controls lighting, AC and more before it becomes sentient and then tries to kill everyone in the agency much like HAL 9000 in 2001: Space Odyssey.
  • Predator (1987) - Archer makes fun of an assassin for wearing night vision goggles and being covered in mud, joking "You can't be both Predator and Dutch" referencing Predator (1987).
  • Koko the gorilla - Archer names a gorilla Poko and teaches her sign language.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]


Archer teaches Poko "phrasing" in ASL.

  • Phrasing - Archer says and teaches Poko the Gorilla how to say "Phrasing" in American Sign Language.
  • You're not my supervisor! - Becomes "I'm not your supervisor!" when Cheryl lets her intern know she must listen.


  • Archer retains an intense fear of crocodiles just like he did in "Pipeline Fever."
  • Archer pauses when deciding what to refer to as the agency's name before just calling it an agency, continuing the lack an official name for the agency since Robert's acquisition of the company.
  • Lana still having marital problems with Robert.
  • Archer's empathy with animals.


  • Lana says her interests include "not getting bit by snakes" but she is later bitten by an extremely venomous snake after the mission is complete.
  • Sandra becomes the liaison for Lana and The Agency.
  • It's revealed that Archer knows some sign language, as he tries to teach it to Poko.


First Appearances[]

  • Neva
  • Poko the gorilla


Archer: And we don't have guns. This is why you never listen to the United Nations!


Sandra: That cane is a weapon?
Archer: You mispronounced "You're welcome."


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