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"I do not sploosh."
—"The Orpheus Gambit"

A minor antagonist in the eleventh season. She made her debut in the first episode ("The Orpheus Gambit"), posing as Agent Bruchstein until being revealed as Peregrine, the evasive criminal that The Agency had been pursuing for months prior to Archer waking up from his three-year coma.

She is voiced by Jamie Lee Curtis.


She had a gray pixie haircut with olive-green eyes. In both of her appearances, she wore red cat-eye glasses and pearl earrings, in addition to black-and-white attire.


While pretending to be Agent Bruchstein, she had a serious demeanor, although she did engage with Archer's comments that he sometimes directed toward her. Despite intentionally giving the spies an apparent photo of the art gallery thief as a red herring, she wanted appreciation for it. She was also very condescending and patronizing, even to Malory.

As Peregrine, she still acted like she was superior to the spies, and according to the Agency's psych profile, she shown a "pathological need to demonstrate superiority." Her involvement in the plot revealed that she was cunning and intelligent, only being able to be caught by the spies after several months and successfully luring Archer and Lana to the warehouse where she was keeping A.J. She was also very vindictive and kidnapped Archer and Lana's child in retaliation for stopping her thievery, even willing to shoot Lana in the head in front of A.J. She might be unhinged or at least obsessive, being content with the idea of the cycle of doing something to the spies that'd make her end up in prison and escape prison. Her obsessiveness shown her to be incredibly resourceful: she managed to discover what school A.J.'s parents enrolled her in, (assumably) obtained Robert's phone number that'd allow her to make the ransom, and on top of that, managed to locate and enlisted the help of Gerswan Ramschluss, Ray's higher-ranking rival in luge for the Olympics (though it may have been a coincidence and she didn't know about him and Ray's history). In addition, Peregrine is sarcastic, maybe even more than her alter-ego, Agent Bruchstein.


Season 11[]

"The Orpheus Gambit"[]

Peregrine was born in Belgium but raised in America. She would grow up to be the greatest art thief of her time, attracting the attention of the Agency. During Archer's coma, for months, she had the spies on her tail, but she had always outmaneuvered them and (assumably) had never been spotted of them, so they never knew what she looked like. When Archer woke up from his coma, his first mission awake was to capture Peregrine and to prevent her from stealing the Statue of the Weeping Orpheus. He had the help of the rest of the Agency alongside INTERPOL, the The International Criminal Police Organization.

At the museum gala, Peregrine disguised herself as Agent Bruchstein, an INTERPOL liaison who recently flew in from Belgium to assist the Agency in capturing herself. She was the one who provided the photo of Peregrine to the Agency, but it was revealed that the photo wasn't actually legitimate as it was the photo of the museum director. As additional precautions, she had someone pose as the bartender for the event that would help her steal the statue, and she put a decoy somewhere in the museum that the Agency spies would try finding so that she can had enough time to escape.

At some point, Peregrine must've taken the artwork out of its case, and she blames the Agency spies for letting it be taken. While continuing to pretend to be an INTERPOL agent, she tells Malory that she will never recommend the Agency to INTERPOL again.

As Peregrine was stashing the statue into her duffle bag, she was restrained by Archer with his cane, who realized that 'Agent Bruchstein' was actually Peregrine. Archer attempts to sleep-gas her, but realizes that his cane only came with one canister of the substance and he already used it beforehand, letting Peregrine be able to escape Archer's hold by stepping on his foot and elbowing him in the stomach. She runs, carrying the statue in the duffle bag.

While Archer was catching up to Peregrine, she calls for the help of the phony bartender, but they are both later surrounded by Ray, Cyril, Pam, and Lana. She and her teammate engage in a shootout with them while running away.

During the fight with the Agency, she or the bartender calls in for reinforcement and wears gas masks in preparation for the cough-inducing smoke grenade she threw at the spies as soon as they entered the space Peregrine was in.

As she does that, her backup comes in on motorcycles. She and the bartender get on the motorcycles, but Archer throws gravel aquamarine underneath the motorcycle Peregrine was on, and the ignition of the motorcycle causes its wheels to fling the pebbles at a glass vat that's preserving a dolphin in an unknown liquid. The tank breaks, causing the liquid to come pouring out, along with the dolphin, and it stuns Peregrine and the rest of her team only momentarily. As she gets back on the motorcycle, her motorist starts driving out of the building, but before she almost manages to escape, Archer throws his cane at the front wheel of the motorcycle. This causes the vehicle to abruptly stop and fling Peregrine and the driver at a wall, leaving them unconscious. She (and presumably the rest of her team) are put into prison.

"Caught Napping"[]

After two weeks in prison, Peregrine manages to escape, and she begins planning her revenge on the Agency for preventing her from stealing the Statue of the Crying Orpheus. She implicitly discovers that Archer and Lana had a kid named A.J., and she finds out what school they enrolled her in, so she kidnaps A.J. She calls Robert and ransoms A.J. for $100 million in bearer bonds, and Peregrine also tells Robert to come alone, despite herself knowing that he's not alone and allowing it to be that way. Additionally, she knew that saying that would lure Archer and Lana in her trap. She also enlists the help of Gerswan Ramschluss, Ray's rival in the Olympics and also now a contractor for criminals that smuggle and kidnap (she might have knew the history between these two, or it's just a coincidence since there might not be a lot of black market criminals in Sweden).

When Archer and Lana finds the warehouse A.J. is in, Peregrine reveals herself to the be the kidnapper, with four people behind her pointing their guns at Archer and Lana. When Archer asks if she's still mad at them for putting her in prison, Peregrine angrily expresses that it took her weeks to get out, but then adding that it was only two weeks in an effort to boast. When Lana demands to see A.J., Peregrine retorts that she won't bring out A.J. until she sees the money that only Robert has, and he arrives to the warehouse shortly after Peregrine's monologue about writing history with the blood of her enemies and quasi-feminism directed at Lana.

When Robert shows that he has the money, Peregrine unveils A.J. being restrained by Gerswan. Peregrine tells Archer, Lana, and Robert to put the case in the center of the room in return for A.J. and not to move until they left. When Robert gives Peregrine the case of money, she retracts on her statement, saying that she'll take both the money and A.J., adding that she will train A.J. to be an assassin and brainwash her to kill Archer and Lana. Then she tells her men to shoot at the three while Gerswan takes the case, and they all escape in sleds.

In the sled that Krieger was secretly making, they catch up to Peregrine and take out three of the armed men. Lana jumps on the sled, and sucker punches the final one. Peregrine aimed a gun at Lana, and stated that she was going to feel bad for killing Lana in front of A.J., but then went back on her statement and declared that it'll be enjoyable.

After saying that, A.J. stepped on Peregrine's foot and she threw the gun in reaction as Lana caught it. Malory and Pam surprisingly come on a snowmobile and barrel into the sled that Lana, A.J., and Peregrine were on. Pam jumps off while Malory is doing so and catches Lana with A.J. in Lana's arms, safely landing in the snow. Peregrine, on the other hand, crashes into a large rock.

At the foot of a tree, with blood seeping from her forehead and several openings on her head and her arm on her stomach, Lana confronts Peregrine. She tells Lana that if she's put into jail again, she will find a way to escape, and she tells Lana that it'll give her joy if this cycle continues. Lana declines Peregrine's offer by shooting her multiple times, killing her. Despite killing Peregrine, Lana continues to shoot Peregrine's corpse with multiple rounds of her gun, even with Archer's gun when she runs out of ammo.

She was assumably dumped into a vat of battery acid acquired by Archer by Lana for kidnapping their kid.


  • Peregrine's appearance is based off of Jamie Lee Curtis, who voiced her.
  • It's unknown if Agent Bruchstein is/was an actual person or if Peregrine made them up. If Agent Bruchstein was an 'real' INTERPOL liaison, then they and Peregrine share the characteristic that they have ties to Belgium.
  • The word 'Peregrine' has another meaning; it describes something coming from a different country. Like the description, the character, Peregrine, arrived in America coming from Belgium, a different country. Also, as a child, she was born in Belgium but came to in America to be raised, which is also a different country.[1]
  • In the episode, "The Orpheus Gambit," she steps on a foot of someone (Archer) restraining her. In the episode, "Caught Napping," the same thing happens, but this time, she is the one restraining someone, and she is the one who got her foot stepped on (by A.J.).
    • Plus, Peregrine never knew that Archer is actually AJ's biological father.



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