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Pam Poovey (Danger Island) is the dream persona of Pam in Season 9 "Danger Island".

Bounty Painting

Pam arms crossed


"Archer’s loyal sidekick and co-pilot is the rough and ready (for really just about anything), Pam and Archer have gotten into (and barely back out of) various scrapes and jams all over the globe. Trust me, when the chips are down and everything seems lost, you’re going to want Pam (with her giant muscles and huge machine gun) on your side."[1]


Pam's dream persona is very tall, broad-shoudered and stocky.  She looms henge-like over Archer and other characters.  She wears a female (not a male, as the buttons are on the left side) military style khaki shirt, dungarees, US military issue boots and a baseball cap with an angry goat symbol - a possible reference to the Poovey Farms logo or the United States Navy mascot.  She appears to (anachronistically as a female in 1938) have some kind of combat arms military background with parachute training as one of her many skills.

Character Traits[]

  • Loyal, dependable, incredibly strong
    S9e2 pam threathens crackers

    Pam threatens Crackers

  • Kind hearted, bad ass
  • Funny, mischievous laugh
  • Untroubled by parachutes and automatic weapons
    • Probably has a military background;
    • Warrior woman (amazon).  

Cultural References[]

  • Star Wars / Chewbacca (1977):  In homage to one of Reed's most oft referenced films, Pam's physical appearance as over-sized sidekick and co-pilot whose gentle character belies her size makes her Chewbacca to Archer's Han Solo.
  • Full Metal Jacket (1987):  when Pam shouts "Get some! Get some!" this is a reference to the scene in the helicopter where the Door Gunner is shooting at the VC, and/or villagers.
  • Predator (1987) / Arnold Schwarzenegger:  Pam looks a lot like A.S's character 'Dutch' in Predator.
  • The Expendables 2 (2012) / Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pam says "Cut me loose" like A.S. does in this film. 
  • Amazon: Pam is looking more like a warrior woman of Greek mythology every episode.  A Pamazon, if you will.


[To Lanaluakalani]:  
Pam: "Come on Your Fanciness..." (s9e2)


Pam: "Ow, my twat!" (s9e1)


Pam: "Yeah - that's a real catch-22..."
Archer: "Uh, I don't think that's a thing yet, so..." (s9e3)


Pam: "Is your dick hard?"
Archer: "Nooo"
Pam: "Then what. Is touching. My ass?"
Archer: "Also nothing"
Pam: "Ewwwww!  Dude, that is a hard dick!"
Archer:  "It's not that hard"
Pam: "Please - I bet it hasn't been that hard since the army checked you for a hernia"
Archer: "I told you that in confidence!"
Pam: "Yeah well, I ain't ya priest...[laughs]...speaking of hard dicks!"
Archer: "Uhhh, I also told you that in confidence!"
Pam: [Laughs ass off]


Person 1: "Quote Here"
Person 2: "Quote Here"
Person 1: "Quote Here"


  • She works for Archer Airways, Malory's nominal airline, as co-pilot to Archer.
  • She can make kringle.
  • It is unknown if this version of Pam is bisexual like the true version, as she's only depicted showing interest in males.

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