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"Operation: Fang" is the second episode of the thirteenth season of Archer, being the one-hundred and twenty-eigth episode overall.



Gillette is in charge of a creepy crawly mission in a tropical jungle.


Krieger, Cyril, Lana, Archer, Cheryl and Pam all sit around an extinguished campfire and exchange glances (mostly glares) at Ray, the newly Fabian appointed Agency leader. A crew (who've seen the Agency's bags filled with guns) is nearby fixing a dilapidated seaplane for the mission, and are being rushed by Ray who is trying to display power and authority but to no avail. Ray sits back down with the group only to have negativity unloaded on him by Lana, Pam and Archer.

The plane crashes on an island and most of the supplies (including a Krieger bomb) end up floating in the piranha infested water as Ray loses control of everyone. As everyone panics and gets angry Ray tries to get them back on path to their mission: liberating a stash of stolen medical supplies from the warlord known only as "Serpiente". Ray calls Fabian to request an extraction that is denied by Fabian who is only willing to send a supply drop. The group starts making a raft as Archer goes out alone to do what he wants (something he thinks he can do all the time now that his mother isn't his boss anymore), but he shortly returns to a finished raft with his new friend Ryan, a South American Tapir. Ray trips over Ryan scaring him away as he falls right next to a rock, which has a venomous snake under it that bites him on the face and causes a leadership struggle as he remains incapacitated from the snake bite. Everyone gets on the raft but are attacked by a hippo after a flare gun shot by Cyril alerts it of their presence. As the hippo opens its mouth it reveals Krieger's bomb at the back of it's throat, which Pam detonates and saves them. Lana takes up leadership and has one team (herself, Archer, Pam and Cyril) go to the supply drop and one team (Krieger and Cheryl) stay with Ray by the river.

Lana and her team stumble on a guerilla outpost and steal a jeep to beat them to the supply drop. She uses the jeep radio to call Ray but he's busy with Cheryl and Krieger pulling him away from hippos as he gets his bionic leg bit off by one of them. Lana and her team defeat the guerillas trying to take their supply drop and take their tactical K511 truck that is loaded with the supplies. Ray gets bit by a tarantula as Lana and her team realize they left Pam behind, who gets captured by the enemy. Lana's team stumble upon a perfect 2/3 replica model of the Taj Mahal where they see Pam arrive with a sack on her head along with her captors. Ray (nearly blinded by his swelling face from the snake and tarantula bite) flies a plane his group found at the guerilla outpost as Archer calls Fabian who directs him to secure a red suitcase (code YKLJ-56) after which they will extracted. As Archer storms the Taj Mahal base, he finds Pam drinking coffee with the guerillas. It is revealed Serpiente (who was nicknamed General Dick by his underlings) was killed months ago and the guerillas now redistribute medicine to the locals. The friendly meeting is interrupted when Ray arrives in the helicopter and Cheryl blows a hole in the base with dynamite, the dynamite also topples a radio tower that falls on the tail of the helicopter and crashes it. The misunderstanding cannot be quickly communicated to everyone due to the radio tower being destroyed and chaos ensues with gunfire and more dynamite.

The extraction helicopter arrives as Archer jumps on the helicopter with the red suitcase but he is physically kicked off the after the suitcase is taken. Fabian is called and he reveals he has continuing business with Serpiente's successor. Tensions are calmed down between the guerillas and The Agency as the helicopter flies away leaving them in the Amazon as Ryan the Tapir returns.


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Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Ray losing his legs/the ability to walk: This happens after Ray attemps to get to dry land only for a hippo to grab ahold of his legs with it's mouth and starts to drag him into the river as the rest of the team began a game of tug of war with the hippo until it tears off Ray's leg causing his to pass out. His bionics are shown to be severely dammaged forcing the team to drag/carry him for the rest of the mission.


  • Ray maintains his position of leadership among The Agency he got last episode.
  • Archer is friendly with the Tapir much like he was friendly with the baby gorilla in season 12.


  • It is revealed by Archer that the position of leadership in The Agency comes with a special parking space.


Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

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