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The Organization of Democratic Intelligence Networks (ODIN) is a premier spy agency. The ODIN headquarters were located in Paris, France, inside a tall skyscraper.

ODIN has since been bought out by IIA and is no longer the top spy agency.[1]


Former employees[]

  • Framboise; human resources [H.R] director (fired by Barry after having anal sex with Archer)[2]
  • Barry Dylan; field agent (turned into KGB Cyborg.)[3] Now works with Archers agency.
  • Sterling Archer; field agent (for one day before returning to ISIS due to Malory's drunken burn notice on him, and escaped with Lana Kane).[2] Archer's entry was actually a happy accident because ODIN had actually meant to recruit Lana, but Trexler decided to keep him because it would "drive his mother crazy," until the aforementioned burn notice put the kibosh on that plan.
  • Lucas Troy; field agent, Archer's former best friend and trained by ISIS before joining ODIN. Went rogue and killed 4 fellow agents, stole some uranium and 10 million dollars in bearer bonds before faking his own death. He planned to start a new life with Archer whom he secretly loved but was later killed by Lana Kane.[4]


  • ODIN is generally seen as more competent and dependable than ISIS, often outbidding them for contracts, although they are not at all above using bribery, sabotage, subterfuge, and other tricks to do so.[5][6] Trexler admits that he enjoys sniping these contracts from ISIS because it annoys Malory and he has a plan to undermine ISIS in order to help convince her to marry him.[7]
  • ODIN employees go on Outward Bound for team-building exercises.[5] Outward Bound are experience-based outdoor leadership exercises for teens, adults, and professionals.
  • ODIN agents also frequently wear turtlenecks, which annoys Sterling Archer to no end.[6]
  • ODIN agents seem to be all blondes.[6] This may be a uniform choice in reference to Odin being a Norse god. Although Barry is a natural blonde[8], the others may have dyed their hair. Lucas Troy was not a natural blonde, and neither is Archer, although he was an anomalous entry.
  • Almost all ODIN agents use the MP40 Submachine gun