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Noah is an anthropologist student/slave pirate who met Archer and Rip Riley after Archer killed the Pirate King in the Heart of Archness: Part I (s3e1).  He appears in all three episodes of the Heart of Archness Trilogy.

Plot Involvement[]

Noah was one of two people aboard the Pirate Ship that spoke English. He explained to Archer that anyone who kills the current pirate king will take his place. Noah is an Anthropology doctoral candidate who was working on his dissertation when he was captured by the pirates when they stole his research vessel.

After Archer became the new Pirate King, he appointed Noah as his first mate. Despite this promotion, Noah still remained a slave. When Archer's reign as king was overthrown, Noah was jailed with Archer and Rip. He helped Archer and the others escape Pangu Island, including donating blood to a horribly injured Ray. Despite this, Archer refused to allow him to get the only extant copy of his dissertation from his hut, which meant he would have to start the process all over again.

  • In Heart of Archness: Part III (s3e3), Archer yells to Noah that he is a slave pirate. Noah replies skeptically, which could lead to another conclusion that Noah purposefully got captured in order to write a dissertation on anthropology as it relates to pirates. This is supported when he says that pirates are "fascinating" in Heart of Archness: Part II (s3e2). Thus, Noah may be a voluntary captive rather than an actual slave.
  • What happened to Noah after that is unknown but it is likely he went on to rewrite his dissertation without notes since Archer forced him to leave behind his original copy. He could have also mustered out.

Re-appearance on Danger Island (Season 9)[]

In Season 9: Danger Island, whilst Archer remains in a coma, a dream persona of Noah is manifested in Archer's dream state on the fictional island of Mitimotu.  He is still an anthropology student and is writing his doctoral thesis on the mua mua, the cannibals native to the island.


  • Noah's field of study is Anthropology, which Archer mocks by deliberately confusing it with arachnology and archaeology. He calls his work a waste of time in an attempt to wind him up.
  • His blood type is O-positive.
  • He takes things very literally and doesn't get sarcasm.
  • Noah's voice actor David Cross previously worked with Jessica Walter, Jeffrey Tambor, and Judy Greer; the voices of Malory Archer, Len Trexler, and Cheryl Tunt, respectively, on Arrested Development.
    • David Cross previously worked with James Hong in Kung Fu Panda.
    • The ball-gag he has in his possession is a call-back to Cross' character on Arrested Development, in which Tobias Funke also is known to have a ball-gag.

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