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Archer wearing uncalibrated Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles are a frequently used tool by spies who operate at night. This device allows agents to see at night without the use of a light source (ex. flashlight). The ISIS agents often bring them along on their night operations. Like many spy gadgets, they require calibration from technical support staff.

In the second season, the night vision goggles in the ISIS armory appear to have been upgraded. When Pam is wearing this new version, it allows her to blink or shut her eyes. This feature could have come in handy when Archer was temporarily blinded during a mission gone wrong in San Marino.

In The Limited, Archer put on the googles hoping that they would give him better sight in the dark, only to have an oncoming train's lights temporarily blind his retinas. Archer then turned off the night vision part of the goggles, and used them as regular goggles against the wind. 

  • It is assumed that they were all confiscated by the FBI in season 5, along with all of the weapons from the armory.


  • In "The Rock," Archer attempts to use them in San Marino.
  • In "Blood Test" Archer uses them to break into the First Savings Bank to switch out his blood for Cyril's
  • In "Movie Star," Pam intends to use them to break into Rona Thorne's apartment.
  • In "The Limited" Archer uses the night vision goggles to fight Bilko on top of a moving train. 
  • In "Bloody Ferlin," Ray took them to help his brother out. Later on Archer was seen wearing them in the break room.