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"Children of all ages, welcome to this robbery! I am your host, Mr. Rompers!"
—Mr. Rompers[src]

Mr. Rompers is the alias used by the leader of a group of clowns that attacked a fundraiser at Ellis Crane's mansion looking for a necklace called the Tsarina. His voice is provided by Randy Havens.


Season 7[]

"Bel Panto: Part I"[]

"Bel Panto: Part II"[]


"Are you insane?!"
"I dunno, maybe."
Alan Shapiro and Mr. Rompers[src]

Mr. Rompers is the leader and strategist for his group of clowns. He has a short temper but at times is humorous, acting whatever way he sees fit. His mood swings hint at him being mentally unhinged, even answering the question "Are you insane?!" with "I dunno, maybe" before brutally pistol whipping Alan Shapiro. He is shown to be the most competent one in the group as the others either display immaturity or let their guard down with the group members making sandwiches, failing to beat unarmed hostages, and even slapping around Cyril Figgis. Rompers may be OCD considering every member of his crew (with the exception of Nurple's) had a codename that started with the letter of the color they were wearing. Even so, Nurple's name is still related to his color (purple nurple). He was most likely the reason there was a voice distorting device in each mask. Rompers was even smart enough to know police would put sleeping pills in food they offered and ultimately outsmarted authorities. His mental state is all over the place but it always remains apparent he is intelligent.


  • It is revealed Mr. Rompers and his men were old clients of Alan Shapiro who got them out of jail and hired them to steal the Tsarina necklace in order to collect on its insurance.
  • Because Rompers and his crew were in jail and old clients of Mr. Shapiro who is a lawyer, it can be assumed Mr. Rompers is a veteran robber.
  • At the end of the episode when Rompers and his remaining crew impersonated hostages, he referred to it as "Plan X". This could mean he had thought of a total of 25 other ways his plans could have ended assuming he went all the way to Plan Z.
  • Rompers uses a tactic similar to the one Joker used in The Dark Knight when he put masks and make-up on the hostages and taped guns to their hands. His voice also bears somewhat of a similarity to Mark Hamill's performance as Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.


  • Mr. Rompers: "Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to this robbery! I am your host, Mr. Rompers."
  • Alan Shapiro: "Are you insane?!" Mr. Rompers: "I don't know, maybe."
  • Mr. Rompers: "Do you think emeralds melt? Mr. Shapiro: "W-w-why?" Mr. Rompers: "Because I'm about to burn this damn house down and sift through the ashes!"
  • Lana Kane: "I would like to call my babysitter..?" Mr. Rompers "Too bad!"
  • Mr. Rompers: "Ah, but doesn't the cunning rat find it's way off a sinking ship?"
  • Mr. Rompers: "Sinking Oingo, as are my dreams into the icy black waters of failure."


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Mr. Rompers without his mask


Rompers angrily shooting the phone as it rings