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Mr. Moto is the leader of the Yakuza. His voice is provided by George Takei.


Leading the Yakuza[]

At some point, Mr. Moto became the leader of the Yakuza. His nephew was killed during a drift race with Pam Poovey.

Archer's Missing Dodge Challenger[]

S03E07-Archer beaten

Right in the head and ass.

After Sterling Archer's Dodge Challenger, a birthday present, went missing, Archer, Lana Kane, Cyril Figgis, and Pam went to challenge the Yakuza in a drift race. After Archer screws up, the Yakuza try to kill the four in a car chase. However, Mr. Moto's car falls into the ocean because of Pam. Malory Archer, who found out about the Yakuza through Cheryl Tunt, shoots Mr. Moto as he climbs out.[1]

A Debt of Honor[]

Following the disbanding of ISIS, the main cast of the series is forced to become drug traffickers. However, a cocaine-addicted Pam ends up scamming $1 million of amphetamines from the Yakuza. After being tipped off to Tunt Manor, the Yakuza angrily demand their amphetamines back, as well as Pam's head (literally, not metaphorically). Pam reveals that the Yakuza dissolved the person that sold her the amphetamines in acid.

After Ron Cadillac is shot by a Yakuza gunman, Archer sneaks out of the mansion and onto the street, knocking out the driver of Mr. Moto's limo and taking his place. Archer negotiates with Mr. Moto, shooting his gun several times in his ear in the process. Archer ends up giving $5 million worth of cocaine and counterfeit money to the Yakuza.[2]


Mr. Moto is a ruthless and vengeful crime boss, who believes in retribution by bloodshed.