Mr. Deadly Goes to Town
Archer s10e5 Title
Series Information
Series Archer
Season No. Season 10
Episode Information
Episode No. 5
Original Air Date June 26, 2019
Written by Adam Reed
Production Code XAR010005
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Archer 1999: "Mr. Deadly Goes to Town" is the fifth episode of Season 10, and the one hundred and fifth episode overall.



Archer and the crew pick up a hitchhiker and try to convince him to turn his life around.


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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The Arrival (1996): Krieger's temporary singularity grenade is similar to the device used by the aliens in this movie which starred Charlie Sheen. The device also created a miniature black hole that removed evidence the aliens didn't want discovered.

Running Gags / CallbacksEdit


  • Dream / Reality Crossover:
    • (Dream) ... / (Reality) ...

  • Dream (Non-Reality):


  • non-cultural reference; misc information etc


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First AppearancesEdit


Mr Deadly: "The sole aim of my being is to explode"
Archer: "Been there, buddy"
Lana: "We get it, you wanna explode. But if you experienced some stuff, then explode, you'd get the best of both worlds. Maybe you won't wanna explode at all"
Mr. Deadly: "Unlikely, but intriguing. It is settled, I shall experience... some stuff!"


(Mr. Deadly, in bed with Cheryl)
Mr. Deadly: "That was... my god!"
Cheryl: "Eugh, it's gonna be one of those "
Mr. Deadly': '"How can sensations that majestic and world-shattering be contained in such strange dangly skin bags?"
Cheryl: "Did the world shatter for you in the fist ten seconds the second ten seconds, or... huh, no other options"
Mr. Deadly: "Both! Benefit of two, I suppose. But oddly, I find a limpid rush of passion in myself. And I must tell you... sorry, what was your name?"
Cheryl (Clearing Throat): "There's some debate on that"
Person 1: "Quote Here"
Person 2: "Quote Here"
Person 1: "Quote Here"




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