Mitsuko Miyazumi
First appearance "Tragical History"
Voiced by Judy Greer
Age 18 (physically)
Height 5'2"
Eyes Blue
Hair Pink
Languages Japanese, English
Nationality Digital
Personal Life
Relationships Algernop Krieger (boyfriend/fiancé)
Mitsuko Miyazumi (宮住 美津子 Miyazuki Mitsuko) is a hologram that serves as Algernop Krieger's virtual girlfriend.

Her voice is provided by Judy Greer, who also voices Cheryl Tunt.


Season 2Edit

"Tragical History"Edit

Sterling Archer tells Cyril Figgis that Mitsuko is so real that the State of New York was going to allow Algernop Krieger to marry her. However, the holographic device that stored her was destroyed in a fit of rage by Lana Kane, effectively "killing" Mitsuko.

"Double Trouble"Edit

Krieger eventually succeeded in rebuilding his girlfriend and he had their entire wedding planned, but he apparently reconsidered because of how society would look upon them, saving the plans for a dream wedding between Archer and Katya Kazanova. Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend protested, but Krieger told her that they would discuss it in the van.

Season 3Edit

"The Man From Jupiter"Edit

During a gunfight with a gang of Cuban hitmen, Cyril Figgis accidentally hits her projector; Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend then appears in Krieger's van. She was there for the entirety of the gunfight but did not contribute, once the gunfight ended, she tried to comfort Krieger(since his van was heavily damaged), but he rejects her help and tells her not to touch him.

"Space Race: Part II"Edit

Krieger shows off his new van to her and the back of the van can be seen rocking later on, implying they were having sex in its rear.

Season 4Edit

"Viscous Coupling"Edit

Krieger is seen planning to eat sushi and watch tentacle porn with her.

When Archer tells Krieger to pretend to help Barry Dylan get off the ISS Horizon, he gets an erection over the possibility of a cyborg fight between Barry and Ray Gillette. Mitsuko complains, saying "Hontou Ne?" (which translates as "oh really?") but Krieger attests that he was tired.

Season 5Edit

"White Elephant"Edit

Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is seen reading pornography in Krieger's lab as he is being arrested by the FBI.

"Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor"Edit

During a confrontation with the Yakuza, Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is seen reading pornography again. She is offended when Krieger mistakenly calls the gangsters Chinese. Krieger shouts that he doesn't get offended when she confuses the Dutch with the Swedes, either time that happened.

"Archer Vice: Baby Shower"Edit

Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is seen trying to pack cocaine for Krieger, frustrated in her inability to physically interact with it.

Season 6Edit

"The Kanes"Edit

Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is seen with the ISIS employees in Krieger's van on a planned bowling trip. She appeared to have her own holographic bowling ball.

"Reignition Sequence"Edit

Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend accompanies the ISIS employees in Krieger's ice cream van during their attempt to sabotage Archer and Lana's relationship. However, when the group decides against it, they run into the apartment building, where Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend reveals that she can fly. Pam Poovey asks Krieger how he doesn't murder her every day. Krieger tells Pam that he does.


Mitsuko considers herself Japanese despite being a digital simulation, as seen when she was offended when Krieger referred to the Yakuza (who are Japanese) as Chinese. She often behaves like a stereotypical anime/manga character, although she does occasionally demonstrate a broader range of character. She refers to people with the Japanese honorific -san, and her accent is based around the practice of transliterating words so they can be rendered in Japanese writing. Her most notable example of this is pronouncing Krieger's name Kuriiga.

After Krieger broke his promise of marrying her, the two have an incredibly strained relationship. She has a crush on astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend is incredibly friendly to Cyril Figgis (as seen in "The Man From Jupiter") and occasionally hangs out with the other members of ISIS. She is generally on good terms with all of them except for the women, including Cheryl Tunt in "The Kanes", Malory Archer in "Baby Shower", Lana Kane in "Tragical History" and Pam Poovey (one sided) in "Reignition Sequence".


  • The name Mitsuko means "light" (光) (mitsu) and "child/girl" (子) (ko). Mitsu is common elements used in names, although in this case she was probably intentionally named "Mitsuko" for the literal "light girl" meaning.
    • Her first name was first assumed to be Mitsuko, according to the Archer Super Easter Egg Hunt.
    • Her first name was confirmed to be Mitsuko in a document on the FIGGIS Agency website.
  • Mitsuko's surname Miyazumi means "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya) and "spring, fountian" (泉) (zumi).
    • Her last name is Miyazumi as it was seen on her bowling uniform in The Kanes.
  • Even though Mitsuko is only a virtual character who's voiced by a white actor with a fake Japanese accent and who can only manifest herself through a light projector created by an American-Brazilian-German scientist, she has feelings and gets offended when people are "racist" against her kind, which is either virtual people or Japanese, or both. The first time she feels offended is when Krieger mistakes some members of the Yakuza for Chinese food deliverymen. The second time is when Cheryl talks down to her because she's "just a reconstructed light-field, produced by firing a laser through a beam-splitter".
  • Krieger has complained about her mother being difficult, although given that Mitsuko is his creation, he probably makes up stories about her "mother" too to make her existence feel more realistic.
  • Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend may be a reference to Rei Toei from William Gibson's novel Idoru and Brenda from Perfect Hair Forever.
  • Mitsuko is made to look like a stereotypical Japanese anime/manga character as she has a strong resemblance to Galaxy Angel's Milfeulle Sakuraba or possibly Godannar's Anna.
  • The second incarnation appears to be completely independent from any type of projector as Mitsuko has been seen outside twice.


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