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Mitimotu sunset

Mitimotu Sunset

Mitimotu is the fictional island setting for Season 9: Danger Island:  it is literally Danger Island.


Mitimotu is a beautiful volcanic island in the tropics - some might say parasdisal.  Like all tropical islands, it has beautiful beaches lined with palm trees, but it also has rugged and verdant volcanic mountains replete with exotic (and dangerous) wildlife.  It is a French colony, with the Franc as its currency and French as its officlal language.


Miti map

Mitimotu Chart

French Polynesia, South Pacific: 3hrs by plane and a about week by supply ship from Tahiti.


Mitimotu has a number of locations (businesses, establishments and residences):






  • Dense jungle
  • Volcano
  • Quicksand


According to Archer's description, the jungle contains "nothing but danger - [it] is stuffed to the tits with quick sand, ferocious baboons, poisonous snakes, poisonous frogs, cannibals (mua mua), dragons (extremely big lizards)".  

As of Disheartening Situation (s9e2) Pam, Crackers, Lanaluakalani and Fuchs have encountered:

Giant snake mitimotu

Ohh Fuchs!

In Strange Doings in the Taboo Groves (s9e5), Archer, Pam and Crackers encounter howler monkeys

Native Population[]

  • The native tribal population are called mua mua, and are cannibals.  
    • 'Mua' is the infinitive of 'to shed skin'[1] in French,
      Cannibals 3
      which clearly applies to snakes (and is symbolic of transformation). A variety of meanings in Hawaiian could also apply.[2]
    • Their language is based on the basque language.
  • First encountered in Strange Doings in the Taboo Groves (s9e5).
  • Their village is the setting for the developments of Some Remarks on Cannibalism (s9e6).
  • The mua mua bear a lot of similarities with the real life cannibalistic tribe of the Korowai peoples of southwestern West Papua. Like the Korowai, the mua mua are said to not each the genitals of their victims.[3] [4]


  • The island is part of a volcanic chain with an active volcano / fire deity called Turako (spelling uncertain). The volcano has a temple carved into it, with an inner sanctum housing the tupua, or idol, accessible by a labyrinth of tunnels.


Exploring the dense jungle packed with dangerous wildlife can seem a little risky unless seeking adventure and reward in the form of a mysterious idol. The latter seems to be a major motivating factor for people visiting the island, rather than the former.

Cultural References[]

  • Mikimoto Kokichi:  the name of the fictitious island is Mitimotu, which bears a striking resemblance to 'Mikimoto', (only one letter difference) the name of the first luxury cultured pearl company ever started.  Mikimotu, who recognised the way rare Tahitian black pearls formed, was credited with the first creation of cultured pearls, in 1916.
  • HMS Bounty: In 1787, Captain William Bligh set off for Tahiti from England in the HMS Bounty to acquire bread fruit as a food source for the slaves of the British colonies.  The painting hanging lop-sided on the wall of Archer's room in the hotel Photo Ref ) appears to be of this famous vessel (or similar).  
    • Breadfruit:  Fuchs' ostensible reason for being on Mitimotu is to set up a plantation.


  • Mitimotu - the name of the fictional island roughly translates as 'Meat Island'[5][6] in the Maori Language, which is closely related to Cook Islands MāoriTuamotuan, and [wikipedia:Tahitian_language Tahitian][7]
  • Motupapa - the island which Malory mentions having the closest airstrip for Archer to try and land Loose Goose, is actually a tiny island (or rocky outcrop) just south of the island Ua Huka in French Polynesia, and has an airport/airstrip (Aerodrome de Ua Huka).[8]

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