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Hotel Lotus front

Hotel Lotus Front

Hotel Lotus is the fictional establishment run by Malory in Season 9: Danger Island.


Three-story French colonial style building on the end of a long terrace, with balconies overlooking the ocean. Reception and bar are located through a stylish archway.  It is replete with beautiful furniture, a large number of pastoral paintings with ornate picture frames and shutters in the doorways.


Located on Mitimotu, the fictional South Pacific paradise island, on the main promenade a short walk from the beautiful palm tree-lined ocean bay.


  • Multiple rooms for guests (including Archer's room, which is in the opening scene).
  • Large open plan lobby with reception, with a large central void, large potted palm trees and elegant staircase leading to bannistered walkways.
  • Bar (well stocked)
  • Office / private room


Heavily featured location, providing a base for the main characters to interact and for plots to be established.  A place for Malory and Archer to drink, and for her to perform her matriarchal functions and act as madam to Charlotte Stratton.

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