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Lana monitors simultaneous missions in her state-of-the-art control room, but Archer and the gang experience technical difficulties.[1]


The episode starts out with Lana describing a new mission control room The Agency has obtained to Cheryl She lists off how she can now see everything, and because of this she will be able to make the teams current mission go off without a hitch. Cheryl thinks this is funny because there are currently jokes being made about The Agency due to their terrible mission success rate. Speaking of the mission, the current mission's goal is for 3 teams on 3 different continents to plug in flash drives concurrently in order to take down a online black market. While this is going on, the drones in the control room seem not to care what Lana is saying, but their attention is gained by Cheryl when she brings in a party sub for them.

Following the shows theme playing, Lana begins to talk to team Ballsfor, which consists of Pam and Ray, This team is at the Japanese terminal and Pam is the team lead due to her being fluent in Japanese. After Lana realizes Pam can't hear her, the office drones inform Lana that they don't really know how to do anything because of how new the equipment is. After sorting out the coms, Zara and Krieger, aka team Stiletto, come in. Their job is to find the terminal that is located in a Cenote in Mexico. Finally Archer and Cyril report in as team Team Names are Stupid. Their mission is to find the terminal located inside a house in New Jersey.

We succinctly cut to team Ballsfor who take out the two guards and proceed to the mainframe, we then cut to team Stiletto who are walking through the cave towards the second mainframe when Krieger realizes Lana bought the control room package which contained animal control. Krieger asks if the same package included squid arousal. Finally we are shown team Team Names are Stupid, who avoid using Lana's high tech control room for assistance and simply break into the home. Following this we are shown Cheryl offering Lana a part of the sandwich. After Lana refuses, Cheryl hits a random button on one of the drones keyboards which causes the room to begin flashing red. Unfortunately for Cheryl, her action did not lead to this, the red light flashing is in response to Cyril's heart rate spiking. It turns out Cyril's heart rate is spiking due to him and Archer discovering a teenage boy, Trevor, in his room at the house.

As Archer and Cyril are talking to the boy, Pam and Ray realize that they're in a time crunch due to forgetting to hide the bodies earlier in the mission, and they ask Lana what to do while they are waiting. Lana urges team Team Names are Stupid to hurry up, and we cut back to them looking for the mainframe. While doing his Archer sees a picture of Trevor's mom and Archer's focus becomes her rather than the mission. Realizing this, Trevor says he will bring them to the mainframe if Archer promises to not date his mom. Begrudgingly, Archer agrees, but while they are walking to the main frame Archer realizes that Trevor's dad is dead and this peaks Archer's interest again.

We cut back to Lana and Cheryl in the control room when suddenly the power cuts out. Cheryl says this probably has something to do with the electrician telling her that the building they're in isn't able to run this much electricity. While the control room is rebooting we can hear everything that is happening; team Ballsfor sounds like they're fighting guards, team Stiletto is getting swarmed by bats, and team Team Names are Stupid is calmly getting their mission completed. Once the power is restored, it turns out that everything we heard was what is actually happening, and we cut to team Team Names are Stupid who are next to the mainframe when Archer decides he is going to try and get with Trevor's mom. Following this we are shown the control room where all of the people who ate Cheryl's sub are getting sick. It turns out that Cheryl bought the sub a week ago and kept it under her desk so that she wouldn't forget it. Lana tries to keep calm and returns her focus to the mission and asks Pam how she is doing, Pam says the mission needs to be paused so she can use the bathroom.

It turns out this power outage hurt team Stiletto disproportionately, the control room loosing power led to the ultrasound used to keep the bats in the Cenote calm turning off and due to this the bats were going crazy. At the same time, Trevor's mom walked down into the basement and saw Trevor with Archer and Cyril. Lana tries to tell Archer how he should deal with the situation, but Archer manages to make Trevor's mom believe that Trevor joined the Cheetah Scouts and because of this they were there to induct him in. Archer then manages to take Trevor's mom upstairs while Cyril and Trevor remain in position. While this is going on Pam and Ray manage to finish off the guards attacking them and get into position. Lana, realizing the control room was a waste, asks Krieger to deal with the bats by going off script and Krieger immediately begins to get rid of the bats using some sort of electrocution method.

Back at the office Lana begins to realize that there is no way for her to possibly control everything that happens on a mission, and Cheryl goes on a monologue about Lana and how she feels the constant need to control the process, rather than the results. Lana takes this into account and tells the teams to do what they need to do to complete the mission. Using this motto, all teams complete their missions and the information on the site is transferred back to the base. To celebrate, Lana and Cheryl leave the control room, and after they are gone team Ballsfor and Stiletto begin to urgently request extraction while the control room burns down. While all this is happening, Archer bangs Trevor's mom while Trevor and Cyril sit on the other side of the wall quietly.


Cultural References[]

Lana says: "face the dogs of chaos, and bring them to heel."[2] This is a reference to Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, where Mark Antony says "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war."

While a Stiletto heel is a famous shoe design, it is also the name of a type of dagger.

Zara is correct when she states that a Cenote is not a cave. A Cenote is a sinkhole which contains a permanent source of water.

A homonym is a word which, although spelled or pronounced the same way, has 2 or more completely different meanings.

Lana misquotes Palpatine's line from Episode 6: "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen."

Archer remembers Frank Sinatra is from New Jersey, there is actually a park adjacent to New York City named in his honor.

Trevor and Cyril both mention "Cheetah Scouts," a pretty direct reference to Boy Scouts.

Tadarida Brasiliensis is the scientific name for the Mexican Free-tailed Bat.

Krieger states "Vengeance, thy name is Tadarida Brasiliensis." The phrase "...thy name is..." is a snowclone, and can be traced back to Shakespeare.

When Lana says "I will never be able to control it" Cheryl replies with "You mean IBS?" IBS, or Irritable bowel syndrome, is a common stomach disorder.

In Cheryl's monologue on Lana's control issues, she mentions the Sisyphean Cycle. This is the repetitive breathing cycle. More specifically Sisyphus was the Greek god who was tasked with continuously pushing a boulder up a hill.

Running Gags/Callbacks[]

Lana's reference to Julius Caesar is a joke which has been used in previous episodes including Placebo Effect and Space Race: Part II.

On the teenage hackers screen there is a image of the pirate hacker animatronic from Tragical History.


Krieger asking Lana if the control room animal package included squid arousal connects back to Krieger's long running affinity for Japanese stereotypes.

Pam's fluency in Japanese is used as a driving reason behind a subplot.