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"I'm not a... real big fan of change... except you, Milton!"
Sterling Archer[src]

Milton is a copier with a special toaster feature owned by the CIA, first introduced as the only new addition to the ISIS offices following the agency's re-establishment.


Season 6[]

"The Holdout"[]

Milton makes his first appearance as the only new addition to the ISIS office following its re-establishment. He was seen as a huge disappointment to Malory Archer, who was expecting more from the renovated office. When Malory's son Sterling Archer explained that he was a big part of why the ISIS office remained the same and that he was not a big fan of change, Milton seemed offended, until Sterling said that this excludes Milton.

"Vision Quest"[]

When the ISIS gang ended up stuck in the elevator, Milton is the only one who spots them. Cheryl tells him to go get help, but Milton instead panics and starts making toast uncontrollably.

Season 7[]

"The Handoff"[]

Milton can be seen spinning around with the other Figgis Agents in boredom.

"Liquid Lunch"[]

When Archer makes an offhand comment to Cyril Figgis about jumping off a cliff with a toaster, an offended Milton (strolling out of Malory's office) makes toast and strolls away.


  • Milton seems to possess a sort of artificial intelligence, able to react to actions around him and act on feelings such as fright or confusion. He is unable to physically communicate with people in any way other than producing toast. Due to his ability to toast bread, as well as his seeming propensity to burn said toast, people around him often think they are experiencing a stroke.
  • Cheryl Tunt seems to be the only person who is able to communicate with Milton.
  • Milton is likely an homage to 'Milton The Toaster', an early cartoon mascot character for Kellogg's Pop Tarts in the early 1970's, voiced by William Shallert.


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