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Mannfred is a middle-aged freelance German spy who works with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Uta. They often take jobs from Nikolai Jakov for New York-based activities. His voice is provided by René Auberjonois.


Season 1[]

"Killing Utne"[]

Mannfred is on the phone with Malory Archer, who hires them to pretend to assassinate Torvald Utne so that ISIS can get the UN contract from Utne. However, his call is interrupted by Nikolai Jakov, who hires them to really assassinate Utne. When his girlfriend, Uta, walks out of the bathroom, Mannfred tells her that they have two jobs: the first, to pretend to kill Torvald Utne; the second, to kill Torvald Utne.

Mannfred and Uta are next seen going over the "assassination" plan with Malory, wherein he and Uta will shoot Utne with blanks and he and Uta will be gunned down by the ISIS agents at the party, who are also shooting blanks. However, once Malory is out of earshot, Mannfred tells Uta that only he will have real bullets. Mannfred notes that this is like taking chocolate from a baby, and Uta says that they will not give their baby chocolate, but carob.

When Mannfred sees that Elke Hübsch has arrived at the party, he deduces that Nikolai must have sent two teams again, meaning that if they kill Utne and Hubsch was left alive they would not get paid. Uta then tells Mannfred that they should kill both Utne and Hubsch.

After Hubsch was (either purposely or accidentally) poisoned by Uta, Utne decides to leave. However, Utne is gunned down by Mannfred and Uta, who proceed to escape. Mannfred and Uta end up having an argument outside, before their grappling hooks unhook from the table in the kitchen, preventing Malory and her son Sterling from following them.

In order to cover up the assassination, the bodies of Hubsch and Utne are burned in Trudy Beekman's apartment.

"Dial M for Mother"[]

Mannfred is later seen standing alone in an area of a park that adults are normally not allowed in without children. When Trinette McGoon confronts him about this, Mannfred states that he is with a child, and Uta walks over with an obviously fake baby. Trinette shouts that the baby is not real, and Mannfred asks if "that" is, saying that he thought Trinette was about to show off her prize-winning turnip. Trinette shouts that the baby's father knows Krav Maga and that he will kick Mannfred's balls through his head, which means she thinks Sterling is the father.

Immediately after meeting Trinette, Mannfred and Uta are hired to put a brainwashing microchip inside Sterling Archer's head so Nikolai could find out Sterling was really his son. Mannfred and Uta manage to lure Sterling into a trap, where the KGB implants the microchip into his brain.




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