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MalorysApartment Foyer

Malory's Foyer

Malory Archer's apartment is in a fashionable co-op building in New York City. It contains a great deal of artworks honoring the memory of her dead dog, Duchess. It is not seen in as many episodes as Sterling Archer's Apartment.

Malory doesn't like bringing the ISIS employees to her home, but occasionally she will bring them there when forced. Her next door neighbor is Trudy Beekman, who is also on the co-op board. It is on the Upper East Side, possiby on Park or 5th Avenues.


S03E08-Archer cooks


It has multiple rooms, including:

  • Malory's master bedroom
  • Multiple bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Foyer


MaloryApartment Exterior

Exterior of Malory's apartment.

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