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Pam MVS is Pam Poovey's dream persona in Season 10: Archer 1999.


This version of Pam is a humanoid rock species, and is considerably taller and more muscular than her life counterpart. She is described by Malory as a “rockslide with tits”. Despite her appearance, she ridiculed far less than Krieger for not being human.


Much like her real life counterpart, this Pam is considered the strongest and most intimidating member of the group. Despite this, she retained her somewhat sweet and good natured personality towards the group. She is also good friends with Carol. Pam is known for her stench, particularly the foul smell of her “species equivalent of a boner”. She was turned on by the sight of Carol and Lana fighting, and later on upon discovering the fact that Malory touched Archer’s penis. She is also shown to be aware of the audience, and broke the fourth wall at the end of "Happy Borthday" while attempting to do a freeze frame. She also has exhibited some leadership skills as apparent during the episode “The Leftovers”.

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  • Has retractable breasts.
  • Her species "equivalent of a boner" emits a horrible stench.

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