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Crew Manifest for M/V Seamus:[1][2]
Archer 1999 Archer-01
Archer 1999 Archer-02
Sterling Archer (Archer MVS)[3]
Occupation: Captain
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Build: Space Captain Sexy
Strength: Stealing
Weakness: Stealing from the wrong people

Archer 1999 Lana-01
Archer 1999 Lana-02
Lana Kane (Lana MVS)
Occupation: Captain
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Build: Supermodel
Strength: Poor choice in men
Weakness: Hiring a great divorce lawyer

Archer 1999 Malory-01
Archer 1999 Malory-02
Malory Archer (Malory MVS)
Occupation: Business Opportunist
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Build: Pure Energy
Strength: Unapologetic Immorality
Weakness: Unapologetic Immorality

Archer 1999 Cyril-01
Archer 1999 Cyril-02
Cyril Figgis (Cyril MVS)
Occupation: First Mate (self appointed)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Brittle
Strength: Booksmarts
Weakness: Umm...Everything else?

Archer 1999 Cheryl-01
Archer 1999 Cheryl-02
Cheryl/Carol Tunt (Cheryl MVS)
Occupation: Fighter Pilot
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Build: Tomboy
Strength: The galaxy's best fighter pilot
Weakness: Finds space combat OH-SO-BORING

Archer 1999 Poovey-01
Archer 1999 Poovey-02

Pam Poovey (Pam MVS)

Occupation: Hired Muscle
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Build: Igneous
Strength: Exhibits intense, physical strength
Weakness: Emits intense, powerful stench

Archer 1999 Krieger-01
Archer 1999 Krieger-02
Algernop Krieger (Krieger MVS)
Occupation: Scientist
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Build: Synthetic
Strength: Not actually human
Weakness: All those...wires?

Archer 1999 Ray-01
Archer 1999 Ray-02
Ray Gillette (Ray MVS)
Occupation: Courtesan
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Build: Expensive
Strength: Eating cake
Weakness: Such a fatty



  1. Official Archer website Listing order corresponds to the official site -
  2. Source: ArcherFXX
  3. "MVS" is an abbreviation of M/V Seamus, and is the wiki name for this season's dream personas.