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Cheryl MVS is Cheryl Tunt's fighter pilot dream persona in Season 10: Archer 1999.


Cheryl/Carol sports a pixie cut, but the rest of her appearance remains the same as her real life counterpart.


Cheryl/Carol is erratic, delusional, psychotic and obsessed with death, much like her real self. She expresses great joy at the prospect of fighting in "Happy Borthday", and even went as far as to fight Lana for real even though the crew had agreed to fake it. Despite her unstableness, she is shown to be a talented fighter pilot, although she hates her role on the ship. She is the only one who’s unaffected by the eggs in “The Leftovers” because she already has no impulse control. Similarly to her real counterpart, she partakes in glue sniffing, and admits to her pyromaniac desires of setting fire to the ship.

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