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(This article is about the starship Seamus. For the Wee Baby Seamus see Seamus McGoon.)
MV Seamus exterior-01

M/V Seasmus is the name of the merchant vessel / salvage ship[1] carrying the dream personas of the core group in Season 10: Archer 1999.

Crew Manifest[]

MV Seamus interior Cryopods

Crew in stasis

For the detailed manifest, see here.


MV Seasmus insignia

Cultural References[]

  • Alien Franchise: the name of the spaceship and the existence of a crew in stasis in cryopods references this well known sci-fi franchise.


  • In the 3 minute trailer at the end of season 9, (Video Ref) the monitor unit which monitors the life signs of the cryopods in the spaceship reads "M/V Seamus". In the original Alien movie, the ship MV Nostromo, named after Joseph Conrad's boatswain, was a working-class freighter tugging a refinery through deep space (although the subsequent cryopods scene has a closer resemblance to the sequel, Aliens). The Nostromo's AI is known as "Mother", linking Archer's snow-globe comment to the MV Seamus' AI, confirming his continued coma. 
  • The seats of the ship bear the insignia of the Polish Air Force - the white and red checkerboard.



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  2. "MVS" is an abbreviation of M/V Seamus, and is the wiki name for this season's dream personas.