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Lana with the M-41 MK 2.

The M-41 MK 2 Plasma Pulse Rifle is an energy weapon designed and used by the ISA onboard the Horizon. Despite being an energy-based weapon, it has a standard STANAG-looking magazine in a bullpup configuration.


The weapon fires bolts of energy and possesses a lethal and non-lethal setting. Its "kill" mode allowed it to fire plasma ammunition, which was able of blasting through walls and causing bleeding injuries. However, its "stun" mode allows it to fire an ion pulse, similar to an EMP. However, the non-lethal pulse can have varying intensities that can potentially be fatal, ranging from the shock causing pain like a cattle prod (in which the barrel is pressed against the target) to stop the hearts of a target.

It also has an underslung pump-action concussion grenade launcher, which causes a small energy blast that repels and incapacitates targets in close proximity to it.


  • The MK 2 is an obvious reference to the M-41 Pulse Rifle from the movie Aliens. It shares a similar color scheme and design. Both have an electronic ammo counter, carrying handle with built-in sight, and underslung pump-action grenade launcher. However, the MK 2 does have several key differences, most notably a bullpup design and plasma ammunition, which is more similar to the Westinghouse M-27 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle of the Terminator franchise.


Archer Pulse 03

Cyril firing wildly with his eyes closed.

  • In "Space Race: Part I" and "Space Race: Part II", the M-41 MK 2 is by the ISIS team and the Horizon's crew along with Aliens inspired body armor and "space robots", (which are actually Power Loader Exoskeletons similar to the ones from the film).