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Lucas Troy was Sterling Archer's best friend when they were training together. However, he defected from both ISIS and ODIN, faked his death, and decided to start a bed & breakfast in Vermont, where he was killed by Lana Kane and Cyril Figgis. His voice is provided by Timothy Olyphant.


Season 4[]

"The Wind Cries Mary"[]

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Troy welcomes Archer to his B&B.

"Dude, I KNEW you faked your death because a mole framed you for stealing that uranium!"
"Dude, that is such a relief! I was worried they'd turned you against me."
Archer and Troy[src]

Lucas Troy was Sterling Archer's best friend who was trained diligently by ISIS, only for Troy to defect immediately to ODIN for a bigger paycheck. Years later, he stole millions in bearer bonds (and some uranium) from ODIN, killing four ODIN agents in the process. In order to fake his death, he had a hobo's teeth drilled to match his dental records, then put the hobo on a plane, which crashed. It is implied Troy also had the dentist who did the drilling killed to further cover up his tracks.

Archer, in denial at the fact that Troy was dead, ventured to Vermont and found out that Troy was not only still alive but was planning to open a bed and breakfast in Vermont, just north of Bennington. Troy began to drink wine with Archer as Troy mentioned that he wanted to run the B&B with Archer, revealing that he did, in fact, steal the uranium and murder his fellow agents, but only to fund the two's life together before revealing his infatuation with him. As Archer passed out from a drug placed on Archer's glass, Troy found out that Archer was followed by Lana Kane and Cyril Figgis.

S04E02-Lucas death

There's kinda a lot of blood down there.

Lana and Cyril managed to lure Troy into a trap, where a huge tree fell on him. As Troy lay dying, Archer ran to his side. Troy decided that he had to confess his sins before he died, but Archer said that Troy didn't need to. Troy revealed his secret, then died offscreen from his wounds.

While what Troy said verbatim to Archer was unknown, it's obvious that he raped Archer while he was passed out after training. It must have been heavily graphic, as Archer screamed "Nooooo!" after learning of it and, judging by Lana and Cyril's facial reactions and complete silence, they, too, were horrified.


Troy was initially a fun-loving person. He also liked making jokes about people's mothers, only to immediately blurt out, "Oh God, I'm sorry!"

While Troy is not gay (as he mentioned and proudly boasted about several sexual encounters with women), he is most likely bisexual, and attracted to Archer. This is seen to be so much so that Troy was considering what their family name would be once they were married, and even counted "1 Sterling Archer, 2 Sterling Archer, ... ooh! Sterling Archer TROY".


  • When Troy and Archer are celebrating the completion of their training, Crenshaw and possibly Agent Pak make a cameo.
  • Troy's ISIS file is number #0105326 with a Threat Level of "Red" and marked with the note of "Proceed with extreme caution" which is possibly due to his "License to Kill".
  • Troy owned a large estate in the wood of Vermont named, 'Twin Oaks Bed,' in which old bed and breakfast was located. He wanted the fix up the house with Archer and live and run the inn together.
  • The facial expression resemble that of Gunter Ziegler in Season 9 "Danger Island".


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