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"Lowjacked" is the second episode of the twelfth season of Archer, being the one-hundred and twentieth episode overall.



The Agency embarks on a team-building exercise that doesn't quite get off the ground.



The Goldhawk luxury jet.

After Robert becomes The Agency's benefactor and CFO he sets up a team building trip to Paris on a luxury aircraft while explaining his plan to rebrand the agency as "a force for good" and doing humanitarian missions like the environment, but then gets hijacked by eco-terrorists before liftoff. The eco-terrorists seek out Robert to acquire funds as Archer devises a plan to stop the hijacking.

S12E02-Republic of Pamistan

The Republic of Pamistan.

Ray is fast asleep on a combination of Bloody Marys and sleeping pills. Meanwhile Krieger, Pam, and Cheryl barricade themselves in the plane's upstairs casino lounge, and make it an "everything goes area" with some of the crew and passengers joining in. Archer toys with the terrorists and provides them with advice that results in Cyril getting constantly beat up.

S12E02-Steam room

You guys should really be quiet.

Hiding from the terrorist in the steam room with the control knob broken, Lana, Malory, Robert, and later Cyril are trapped inside. Lana gets into a heated argument with Robert, telling him she hates that he bought the agency and didn't even tell her about it, along with other things he didn't tell her. But Robert defends his action by saying she never wants to talk about anything with him. He also brings up that he wants to have a baby with Lana but she doesn't want to, because she keeps pretending she's not a mother. Angered by what he said, she then proceeds to sell him out to the eco-terrorists.


Release the hounds!

After the terrorists find Robert, they force him to make an on-line contribution. But instead of wiring it to them, he donates money to an environmental charity. This angers one of the terrorists who cold-cocks Robert and he is then punched by Lana. Just as the other terrorists are about to shoot Lana, Archer arrives with dogs from the plane's pet spa who attack them.

S12E02-Gang at end

You're going to buying your own drinks mister.

The passengers escape the plane and Archer and Lana manage to stop the eco-terrorists and the authorities arrest them. Robert apologizes to Lana about he said to her, then tells the agency that he made that million dollar donation in their name and that the team building trip was somewhat a success. But Robert also explains that now he's a few million dollars in the hole, there are going to be some changes, like Archer buying his own drinks, much to Archer's shock and dismay.


  • Co Starring :
    • Andrew Morgado as Janco
    • Michaela Watkins as Hijacker
    • Tony Cavalero as Hijacker
    • Chi Duong
    • Nika Futterman
    • Zebbie Gillispie
    • Patrick Piper

Cultural References[]

  • Paradise Lost - Cheryl quotes John Milton's Paradise Lost in the cold open: "Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven."
  • The Hobbit - Archer alludes to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit when he calls a terrorist "Bilbo" and suggests he get a toe shaver.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Phrasing - Archer and the stewardess with references to shafts and tight fits.
  • Cheryl's pyromania: Cheryl attempts to ignite the chair barricade in the stairwell.
  • Archer's haphazard confrontation with environmental terrorists on a plane is quite similar to the cold open in "Pipeline Fever".
  • Bullying Cyril: Archer bonds with a terrorist while brainstorming methods for torturing Cyril.
  • Archer having empathy with animals, as all the dogs on the plane were all over him.
  • Lana asking what other things Robert hasn't told her is similar to when he neglected to tell her about his previous wives, & the several dogs he had in "The Double Date", or when he didn't tell her that AJ had been kidnapped in "Caught Napping".


  • This episode originally aired in some countries as part of a one hour block with "Identity Crisis".
  • This is the second episode of the show to air after the death of Jessica Walter. At least some instances of Malory's dialog in the episode appear to have been recycled from previous episodes.
  • Archer's empathy with animals is shown again, when all the dogs on the plane were all over him.


  • Lana is not happy that Robert bought the Agency without talking to her about it.
  • Climate change is brought up by one of the terrorists.
  • Robert wants to have a baby with Lana, but she doesn't.


  • Skyhawk jet

First Appearances[]


Pam: (to Cheryl) "If your brain were a drug, I'd snort the shit out of it."


Ray: "Why are you Satan"
Cheryl: "Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven."


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