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Loose Goose

"Loose Goose"

Loose Goose is Archer's dream plane in Season 9: Danger Island.  It is the same make/model of Rip Riley's Seaplane, and its name is derived from the pet name Rip gave to his, "Old Lucy Goosey".


  • Loose goose interior

    'Loose Goose' interior

    • Hinky fuel pump
  • Exterior:
    • Cosmetic - general wear and tear
  • Interior:
    • Immaculate - simple yet refined
    • Seating and table with champagne coolers

In-flight Entertainment[]

Safety Equipment[]

  • Only 3 parachutes
  • A bunch of life jackets


  • FN-D Browning Automatic Rifle (see trivia), and bullet belt.


  • 'Loose Goose' has a variety of filthy meanings,[1] referring to a loose moral character or physical attribute.  As Pam is the co-pilot, and therefore Goose to Archer's Maverick (Top Gun ref.) the slut joke is on Pam.
  • 'Loose Goose' is likely based on 'Cutter's Goose', the plane used in 'Tales of the Gold Monkey,' with the paint job of 'Loose Goose' being practically the inverse of 'Cutter's Goose'. Photo Ref )
  • 'Loose Goose' is the only aeroplane in the fleet at Archer Airways, the nominal airline of Malory's.


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