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Longwater Diskette

Ray holding a Longwater diskette.

Longwater is a codename for a mystery involving prominent members of the Los Angeles, California community. Longwater was later revealed to be a mass insurance fraud scam and a little bit of a sex tape accidentally put in.

Season 7[]


Longwater: meaning??

The Figgis Agency[]

An enigmatic woman claiming to be famous actress Veronica Deane shows up to the Figgis Agency looking for help. She says that she's been robbed and that Alan Shapiro, her ex-husband's divorce attorney, is now in possession of a disk with highly sensitive information on it that could ruin her. Investigators Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, and Ray Gillette break into Alan Shapiro's mansion and crack his safe. Inside they find the disk (labeled "Longwater") and hand it over to the woman.

The Handoff[]

It's soon discovered that the client was actually an impostor. The real Veronica Deane shows up and hires the detectives to help retrieve it, all the while unaware that they're the ones who stole it. Archer and Lana meet up with Shapiro to exchange the disk for two million dollars. They meet up with a gang of bikers who were hired by an unknown contact to oversee the handoff. While the exchange doesn't go exactly as planned, the Longwater disk is returned to Deane.

Deadly Prep[]

Cyril Figgis and Archer find themselves pinned down by a sniper-wielding Ivy Stratton after Archer is set up to murder Trent Whitney. While clearing out the house's floor safe, Cyril notices yet another disk marked "Longwater" along with piles of money and secret folders. Unfortunately, there's no time to grab the disk. He flees with Archer before a stray bullet causes a spark which ignites the gas that had been filling the house. The place erupts in a huge explosion and the information on the disk is surely destroyed along with everything else in the house.

Deadly Velvet Part II[]

Longwater is again mentioned in this episode. Deane reveals it was a series of insurance scams, tax fraud, and stock manipulations with the sabotaging of her ex-husband's latest movie her biggest insurance scam. Ivy and Whitney were both a part of Longwater. Deane also reveals the disc contained all the information on her scams and a sex tape that was accidently downloaded.

People Involved[]

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