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Lloyd Llewellyn is a Welsh terrorist/freedom fighter for the Free Wales Army. He appeared in the episode "Achub Y Morfilod." He is voiced by Matthew Rhys.


Lloyd is a deeply patriotic Welshman and Seperatist with strong, anti-English attitudes. Along with his brother Dafydd, Lloyd engages anti-State activities by blowing up dams. The two are often on the run. On one of their missions, Dafydd is shot in the leg, so Lloyd, in desperation, contacts the CIA for aid.


Lloyd and an injured Dafydd burst into the cottage Sterling Archer and Lana Kane are renting. Lana is incredulous about aiding terrorists, but Lloyd tries to sell her on his take on the situation; he's not very effective. As she storms out, Lloyd questions why she's so angry and Arhcer explains the whole farcical situation that led them here.

Things get difficult when Agent Bardsley from MI5 shows up hot on the brothers' trail. Lana, in an attempt to deceive the agent and make Archer jealous, poses as Lloyd's wife and passionately makes out with him. This causes Archer to lose his temper, both Archer and Lana to expose their cover, and Lana to knock Bardsley unconscious.

While Archer and Lana argue, Lloyd secretly steals Archer's pistol and makes toast to lower their guards. As he assumes, the two aren't up for his idea of shooting the MI5 agent, so he turns the gun on them intending to kill them. Lana knocks him out, enraging Dafydd. After duking it out with Archer, the two groups part ways: Archer and Lana drive off with the kidnapped and uncouncious Agent Bardsley while Lloyd and Dafydd go on the lam to continue their "freedom-fighting."


  • Lloyd mentions having read Rosenburg's writings on Nonviolent Communication. This is, of course, referring to the process created by American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg.
  • Lloyd's surname may be a reference to historical Welsh freedom fighter Madog ap Llywelyn, who led the Welsh revolt against British rule in 1294-1295.
  • The name "Lloyd Llewellyn" is quite literally stolen from a series of Dan Clowes comics from the 80's and 90's based on the title character.