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Krieger's Clone Brothers were duplicates of, and identical to, Dr. Algernop Krieger. They served as scientists working for San Marcos dictator Gustavo Calderón, until they tried to fly a warhead full of nerve gas to New York City and were stopped and (presumably) killed by Krieger himself. All three are voiced by Lucky Yates.


The three mysterious & unnamed Krieger clones who made a living working for Gustavo Calderón, (the self-proclaimed President and/or Dictator of San Marcos), had all apparently been working in the palace laboratory engineering among other creations, a half-frog half-boy creature... Along with successfully developing some sort of top-secret missile-mounted nerve gas warhead, for Calderón's military to use against the rebels.

As all four of the Krieger's were preparing the missile launch sequence atop the launch pad tower scaffolding, the original Krieger (who is wearing a bow-tie at the time) decides to stop the three Krieger clones (who are all wearing neck ties) from launching the nerve gas missile towards an unannounced location. Bow-tie Kreiger then promptly picks up a fire extinguisher and attempts to beat a Kreiger clone, who pulls a gun on original Krieger before he could beat the clone with the extinguisher. Nevertheless bow-tie Krieger still engages the Krieger clones who all rush Krieger, however the clone with the gun then accidentally shoots the fire extinguisher which causes it to hit another Krieger clone, knocking him off the launch platform apparently falling to his death. At which point another Kreiger clone runs to the missile's control pad & successfully initiates the launch sequence despite being immediately shot five times in the back and killed by the original Krieger, who is still struggling to get the gun from the last remaining clone alive. As they struggle to gain control over one another they are forced up against the launch pad guardrail, at which time original Krieger pulls on the clone's neck tie & begins to choke the clone with it, while at the same time the Krieger clone also tries to choke original Krieger with his bow-tie, but is unable to as the bow-tie simply comes untied and just falls off of the original Krieger. Although just as it seems Krieger has the upper hand on his clone, they are both thrown off balance and they too both appear to fall to their deaths onto the missile launch pad below...where all of the other seemingly lifeless bodies of the Krieger clones have fallen.

A short time thereafter, one of the fallen Kriegers reappears back on top of the launch pad, and begins to calmly re-tie & put on a brown neck tie.

Sometime after that Krieger shows the rest of the agents the bodies of the other Kriegers to prove to everyone that he is the real Krieger and the bodies on the launch pad are his clones, after Pam accuses him of possibly being one of the clones. But after Krieger forgets Pam's name momentarily, he claims he forgot because he has a concussion and that the fact he is now wearing a neck tie means nothing at all and he also no longer likes bow-ties any more so he suddenly decided to switch.



  • It's currently unknown what the clones are named, as they refer to each other as "brother", nor is it known how many more of them are there, how they got to San Marcos, and how they all look exactly like Krieger. And if one of them actually survived and tried to pose as the original Krieger.
  • The other clones call Doctor Krieger Klon-Bruder. Which translated from German is clone brother. 
  • The only people who know if one of Krieger's clones replaced him or not are Adam Reed and Lucky Yates as said in an interview with Executive producer Matt Thompson: "Is there anything else you wanted to mention that we didn't ask you about? The Krieger clone thing. I do not specifically know if Krieger is dead and if Krieger's clone is the one alive. I don't know. Adam personally told Lucky Yates, the actor, which person survived, but he hasn't told me or producer Casey Willis. Adam and Lucky know who's alive, no one else does."
  • As Krieger and a Krieger clone struggle at the top of the rocket, their shirts are oppositely buttoned. The Krieger that survives has the same button side as Archer's Krieger.
  • Having Krieger switch from a bowtie to a regular tie after his fight with the clones is often cited as proof that a clone took his place.  However, Krieger has always only worn regular long neck ties throughout the entire series.  The first time we actually see Krieger wearing a bowtie with his labcoat is in the episode Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue: Part II.  This was presumably given to him by his clone brothers to wear, since he was only in his underwear when they kidnapped him.  When he's talking with his clone brothers at the beginning of the episode he is still in his underwear, but later in the episode he is wearing his normal lab clothes, except with a bowtie.  Krieger's comment that "This regular tie means nothing.  I don't like bowties, so I switched." was most likely added to give the viewer some doubt if it was actually the real Krieger.


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