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Juliana Calderon was the sexy and unfaithful wife/first lady of San Marcos of President Gustavo Calderon and later to Cyril Figgis when he became President.


Juliana is a beautiful young woman with wavy collarbone-length dark-orange hair that hangs on the right side, light green eyes and dark pink lips.


Juliana appears to have a fetish for committing adultery and reveals it to her second husband in order to emasculate him. During her third (sham) marriage to Cyril Figgis, she cheated on him with the Colonel. Again, as soon as Cyril fled the palace, she left the officer, stating 'she never loved him'. She is also quite manipulative, blackmailing Sterling Archer twice for what amounted to a very twisted power fetish.


Juliana appeared in Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue, Part I of Season 5 where she seduced Sterling Archer under the disguise of a maid by bringing him towels and rips off her clothes. Later, her true identity is revealed to him while in the presence of Gustavo Calderon (Juliana's husband). When asked about her day, she replies it was "exhausting, so hot and sweaty" and said she was quite "sore". This makes Archer uncomfortable knowing that these are innuendos to their sexual affair and fearing that Juliana would probably inform her husband. Later, after getting caught in a barrage of bullets from the rebel army she sleeps with Archer again and overhears her husband tell Cherlene that he purchased all of her albums assuming they were broke. She showed her ill-content with her husband's obsession with Cherlene, by glaring angrily at him when he had called after the crying Cherlene right in front of her. She was very enraged when she heard her husband say that he intended to dissolve their marriage and marry Cherlene. She refused, saying "And I will tell you the same thing I told your father, I will never give you a divorce!" and pointed a gun at him before telling him she had sex with Archer forcing Calderon to want to shoot Archer and kill him. When asked by Calderon if the encounter was something worth dying for, Archer couldn't answer to which Juliana replied coyly, "Right?", causing them to debate whether the first or second encounter was better. She then opened fire and accidentally shot Pam Poovey, causing Cherlene to beat her with her guitar before the two entered into a cat fight. The fight was broken up by Cyril driving a powerful tank through the mansion.

Cyril Figgis then became president of San Marcos and he had Gustavo, Juliana, Archer and later on Cherlene imprisoned in the dungeon of the mansion. While imprisoned adjacent to her ex-husband and Archer, Juliana would have sex alternately with the other two through their cell bars to pass time for the next three weeks.

Juliana was then released by Cyril to become his wife; she was forced to submit to his very informal, pretentious and technically non-existent wedding ceremony (prompting a largely offish Malory to declare it " Second worst wedding ever!"). Nevertheless she denied him any sexual encounters during this farcical marriage (i.e. Cyril's motivation to remove her from her dungeon cell and into his bed by a nominal "marriage" proved utterly useless - his sole gain being a forced marriage kiss). When he attempts to persuade her to become sexually intimate as a married couple, she quickly turned him down; stating she wouldn't sleep with him. The marriage didn't last long; when Cyril started to lose power over San Marcos, she had an affair with one of his head officers.

S05e13 188

The palace being blown up by missiles

She later left this latter colonel, saying she had never loved him and called him a coward when he offered to escape to the bunker when the palace was about to be blown up. It is unknown on what happened to Juliana as she has not been seen again, but it is assumed that she was killed when missiles blew up the palace or she left the palace after storming off.



  • The name Juliana means "youthful" in Latin.


  • The character is voiced by actress Lauren Cohan, who is best known for her role as Maggie Greene on the AMC television series The Walking Dead.
  • Juliana likes to dress up as the servants and act like them (Even going as far as carrying rocks). Her husband disapproves of her activities, though it is implied she did this in order to have sex with the servants in secrecy.
  • Juliana speaks with a British accent, implying she is not a native of San Marcos and well-educated.
  • Juliana bears a striking resemblance to the Newlywed
  • Juliana was probably previously married to Gustavo's presumably dead father, making her originally as his step-mother. She claims she refused to give his father a divorce.