Joshua Gray
First appearance Pipeline Fever
Voiced by Robb Pruitt
Status Alive
Eyes Green
Hair Graying Brown
Aliases Gandalf
Languages English (native)
Nationality American

Former U.S. Army Green Beret
Former Teacher's Assistant College Environmental Policy Class

Freelance Eco-Terrorist
Skills Explosives
Personal Life
Relationships Lana Kane (former lover)

Joshua "Gandalf" Gray is an eco-terrorist who planned to blow up the biggest natural gas pipeline in North America. He is an ex-Green Beret and has attacked multiple targets in the name of the environment, including:

  • A Hydro-electric dam in Buenos Aires
  • A nuclear power plant in Oslo, Norway
  • The Whaling Ship, Hachimaru

This called for Sterling Archer and Lana Kane to be dispatched to the marshy wetlands of Louisiana to defend the pipeline. However, their first class seats on their flight to New Orleans were right in front of Joshua Gray.

Past with LanaEdit

Josh went to grad school on the G.I. Bill, where he met Lana. He was the teacher's assistant for her Environmental Policy class. They were also lovers. He was there when Lana met Malory outside the furrier. That was the last time they ever saw each other.

Upon learning that Lana was working for ISIS and tasked with the preventing the destruction of the pipeline, he changed his mind about destroying it. Instead, he went to the platform to meet up with Lana. He would have arrived sooner, but the airboat Archer stole and destroyed was the one he reserved. When he found them stranded there, they engaged in a discussion that ended with Grey getting depressed at how Americans won't change their habits, so he offered her a ride back, dinner and to see some Dixieland Jazz. She accepted and went with him, while Archer lamented being stuck on the pipeline platform with alligators.