Job Offer
Barry thanks ISIS
Series Information
Series Archer                              
Season No. 1
Episode Information
Episode No. 9
Original Air Date March 11, 2010
Written by Adam Reed
Animation Directed by Mack Williams
Production Code AR01009
U.S. Viewership (Millions) 1.08 [1]
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"Job Offer" is the ninth episode of the first season of Archer. It originally aired on March 11, 2010.



When Archer takes a higher-paying job at rival agency ODIN, Malory will stop at nothing to get him back.

Summary Edit

In Paris, Archer and Lana are pursuing Kasparov. Apparently, Archer had blown their cover in an attempt to get with a hostess, no doubt using his status as a secret agent to entice her. After much bickering, police chasing, and collateral damage, Archer and Lana manage to corner Kasparov in an alley. While Archer gloats, Barry Dylan and ODIN swoop in and steal Kasparov, crashing Archer and Lana's vehicle in the process. Barry walks up to the two to offer his perfunctory thanks, then extends an employment offer to Lana. However, due to a misunderstanding, Sterling believes the offer to be for him.

Back at ISIS headquarters, Malory is being chewed out by the mayor of Paris for Archer and Lana's actions (But mostly Archer's.) She then turns her wrath on Archer, only to learn to her further horror that Archer didn't even capture Kasparov. The breaking of decorations ensues.

Meanwhile, Cyril is aghast to learn that Lana had received a job offer from ODIN, and more specifically, Barry, with whom Lana had some history. As she dismisses the notion of said history, Lana reflects on a time when she and Barry narrowly escaped a James Bond-esque laser trap, inexplicably naked all the while. Barry had accidentally entered Lana in the process, not that she was complaining. As Cyril interrupts her reminiscing, Lana insists he tells no one of her job offer.

Archer, however, is quite brazen about his apparent opportunity to work for ODIN, as he informs his mother about it. Teeming with rage, Malory is about to explode, but then calmly tells Archer that he is free to pursue his career options as he sees fit. Realizing that she was using reverse psychology, Archer doubles down and quits ISIS. Unbeknownst to him, however, Malory has all his accounts frozen and instructs Woodhouse to not let him in his apartment.

Archer soon finds himself penniless and locked out of his apartment, his threats to Woodhouse proving ineffective. Furious, he attempts to shoot the doors open, failing to remember that they were, in fact, bulletproof. Ironically, he wounds himself in the process instead of an innocent bystander (like Brett.) As Woodhouse enjoys his newfound free time (and some heroin with Reggie the lemur,) Archer tries to get in touch with ODIN. At ODIN headquarters, the Chief Executive Officer, Len Trexler, is practicing his polo swing for an upcoming game against members of MI6, when he is interrupted by Barry. Barry informs him that Archer had inquired about the job offer that was meant for Lana, and Barry had subsequently blown him off. Trexler, however, insists that Barry instead "blow him on", realizing that hiring Archer would drive his mother crazy, and perhaps serve as an elaborate ice breaker.

Back at the ISIS office, Malory is informed that all of Archer's accounts have been frozen, and very eagerly awaits for him to come crawling back to her. Cheryl worries that Archer might find work with ODIN, but Malory dismisses such concerns, remembering a certain incident between him and Barry years ago.

Back then, Archer had botched an ODIN operation, resulting in two of its double agents' deaths. Barry, meanwhile, was hanging for dear life to the silk-lined sleeve of Archer's bespoke Savile Row suit jacket, not to mention his bespoke Turnbull & Asser shirt. For the sake of brevity, Barry apologized for ruining Archer's suit and asked him to help him up. Archer promptly refused.

Despite Malory's confidence, Archer did indeed find employment with ODIN and even apologized for letting Barry fall from that balcony all those years ago. Barry begrudgingly accepts as Trexler gleefully welcomes Archer to the ODIN family. However, Barry receives a call from Lana, who inquires about the job offer. Barry informs her that the position was filled, but insists that she come over to apply anyway, as their new hire may not last very long. Lana wastes little time packing as Cyril ponders the necessity of bringing dominatrix lingerie to a job interview.

Back at ODIN headquarters, Trexler invites Archer to his office and to try out his polo clubs. As he tries to sidle up to Archer, Trexler learns that his childhood was a pretty traumatic one. Archer had spent his formative years (and then some) in boarding school. There was also an incident when Malory moved and forgot to tell him, which made for a terrible Christmas.... eve. Deciding to put a pin in that conversation, Trexler has his human resources director, Framboise, show Archer his new office (and THEN some.) Mid-coitus, Archer confesses to Framboise that he was having difficulty getting acclimated to the whole "family" dynamic that ODIN personnel had a habit of perpetuating. Framboise suggests they try anal, giving Archer considerably less difficulty acclimating.

As an inebriated Malory vomits in ISIS' women's bathroom, Ray stops by to inform her that she has a phone call. To her apparent displeasure, it was Len Trexler who wanted to talk to her. She insists that Archer be fired, but Trexler refuses to let him go, claiming that he was happy and making many new friends (save for Barry, who Archer shot for walking in on him and Framboise.) Malory has no qualms about Archer's feelings, prompting Trexler to reveal to her the things he learned from talking to Archer. Trexler goes on to invite Malory to work for him, but she refuses, and in her drunken rage sends out a burn notice for Archer to numerous intelligence agencies around the world via Telex. As Trexler receives the notice, he realizes that ODIN will have to dispose of Archer. A task that Barry is all to eager to carry out, as he reveals that he and Framboise were dating and, in fact, engaged to be engaged.

Lana finally makes it to ODIN headquarters, with Cyril inexplicably in tow. She contacts Barry to let him know that she has arrived, forcing Barry to send Archer back to his office until he can talk with Lana.

Back at ISIS, Malory awakes from an absinthe-induced blackout to learn she had put a burn notice on Archer. As Cheryl and Ray help themselves to whatever absinthe was leftover, Pam regrets to inform Malory that there was nothing any of them could do about it. Barry meanwhile was attempting to conduct an interview with Lana but finds himself rudely interrupted by the now-fired Framboise, who noisily cleans out her things from the office. After that awkwardness, Lana finds to her dismay that the position she was offered was filled by none other than Archer. As she storms out of the office, Barry catches up with her to let her know that the position is soon to be vacant due to Malory's burn notice. As he informs her that he has yet to terminate Archer, Lana volunteers to do it in his stead, seemingly tantalized by the prospect of a ridiculously huge salary, new office, company car, and exquisite apartment. Lana then walks into Archer's office. After Barry hears a gunshot, Lana gives him the all-clear to come inside, as well as a lamp to the back of his head. After knocking out Barry, Lana then sends a telex message of her own, dismissing the burn notice as an ODIN black flag operation, much to Malory's delight. As Archer and Lana make their escape, they make a stop for Cyril, who is caught having intercourse with Framboise. Deciding to leave the now-single Cyril behind, Lana angrily tears through the streets of Paris in one of ODIN's company cars. She laments the events of the day, mainly her own inability to shoot Archer, which would have guaranteed her a position in ODIN. She then concedes that ISIS is probably the place where she belongs. Archer tries to console her about Cyril's infidelity and offers her anal sex as a means of evening the score. Realizing he wasn't wearing a seatbelt, Lana slams into a lamppost, sending Archer flying through the windshield. And Archer laid on the hood, mangled, bloodied, and eagerly awaiting Lana's answer to his anal proposal.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Dirty Dancing (1987)': "Baby, I'm putting you in a corner" is a reference to the movie in which Patrick Swayze delivers the iconic line, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner".
  • Arrested Development reference: Numerous parallels are made between Archer and Buster Bluth, including trips to boarding school, Malory discussing her son's childhood with Len (Jessica Walters and Jeffrey Tambor both played mother and father in Arrested Development), and many similar phrases (e.g. "You talk that way to your mother?!?")
  • Jonestown massacre: "Looks like Jonestown in here" said by Pam, is a reference to the cyanide poisoning of over 900 members of the People's Temple Agricultural Project in Guyana in the 1970s. Seeing Malory lying on the floor of her office, as well as Ray and Cheryl blacked-out in chairs, is reminiscent (in an exaggerated way) of the aftermath of the tragic mass suicide.
  • The Deer Hunter (1978): Malory's reflection on the effects of drinking Absinthe leads to a Russian Roulette flashback that recalls a scene from this film.
  • Charles Mingus: a highly influential American jazz double bassist, composer, and bandleader. As Woodhouse shoots up with Reggie, he asks his lemur friend to "put on some Mingus."

Running GagsEdit

  • Pamffiti - Pam's name can be seen written as graffiti for the first time in the women's bathroom stall.
  • Smacky Brewster - It's established that Woodhouse has a Heroin problem as he is seen preparing to "shoot-up" after locking Archer out of his apartment.
  • This is why we can't have nice things - used by Pam initially, then by Len. The phrase is used by various members of the cast, mainly Malory. It is addressed at a person, typically a family member or friend who always breaks the nice things/heirlooms. 
  • Sterling. Malory. Archer - used by Malory when Archer has crossed a line.
  • You're not my supervisor! - first use by Cheryl
  • Classic Her - Malory 'burning' Archer
  • Danger Zone - a rare use by someone other than Archer, in this case, Pam.
  • Whore Island - Cheryl aks if the Isle of Man is like whore island but for women (a callback from Mole Hunt).



  • Judy Greer provides the voice for ODIN's head of HR, Framboise.
  • The box containing all of Archer's personal effects as he leaves ISIS contains the following items: A plant, a string of condoms, his trademark ping-pong paddle, a lacrosse stick and trophy, a stapler, and office pens.
  • The box containing all of Framboise' personal effects as she leaves ODIN contains the following items: Fluff handcuffs, a yo-yo, a toothbrush, condoms, lipstick, tampons, keys, a mug, and various papers.
  • ODIN's secretary's name "Framboise", is French for the word "Raspberry".
  • The elevator scene with Barry and Archer shows the floor numbers of the building at ODIN, including a 13th floor.
  • The magazine Cyril is holding as he talks to Framboise is France Matin, with the headline Entrez le Zenit, French for Enter the Zenith.
  • The phrase "Isis: All of our business comes from your referrals" can be seen on the bottom of the burn notice if paused as Len pulls it from the fax machine.
  • The car Lana intentionally crashes in the last scene is a Ferrari 250 GTO, which has sold at auction for as much as (circa) US $50,000,000.00 (in 2013).
  • The building pictured as ODIN's headquarters is the Tour Montparnasse in Paris.
  • Absinthe is a spirit from derived from botanicals that is often portrayed as a psychoactive drug and hallucinogen. It had been banned in the United States until 2007. Although now legal to import and sell in the U.S. the word "absinthe" can neither be the brand name nor appear stand alone on the label.
  • It is stated by Woodhouse that ISIS owns Archer's apartment.
  • Archer is shot again, this time by himself. He is hit in the knee by a ricochet while shooting at the bullet-prof front door of his apartment.
  • Reggie the lemur, last seen in the episode Honeypot makes his second appearance.
  • A Black Flag Operation or False Flag Operation is an an covert operation that seeks to hide the real organization behind the operation.
  • A Burn Notice is a official statement issued by an intelligence agency to other agencies stating that an asset or intelligence source is unreliable and any information received from them should be disregarded.
  • There appears to be a minor goof regarding Cheryl's outfit. Throughout the majority of the episode, she wears a red, scoop-neck sweater, black mini-skirt, and pink pearls. However, when Malory mentions the Christmas incident while drinking absinthe on Cheryl's desk, she can be seen in the blue, button-up dress (sans the necklace) she wore in The Rock. She then returns to the red ensemble throughout the remainder of the episode.
  • While Malory is throwing up in the ladies' room, Pam's graffiti tag can be seen on the cubicle wall. However, in Pipeline Fever, Pam apparently finds out about the separate bathroom for the first time.
  • Ray's voice becomes more established with a high-pitched snarky tone.


First AppearancesEdit





(While chasing Kasparov.)
Archer: "ODIN doesn't beat Sterling Archer! Only Sterling Archer beats--"
(They approach a dead end.)
Lana: "Did you wanna finish that thought?"


(While upside down in their wrecked vehicle.)
Archer: "Think that was ODIN?"
Lana: "Nah, it's only you that beats you, buddy."


Malory: "That was the mayor of Paris."
Archer: "Name-dropper."
Malory: "Who is just as eager as I am to know why ISIS agents were terrorizing Paris!"
Archer: "So I crashed a few cop cars, ran over a few mimes. So I don't play by the rules, Mother, but I get results."
Malory: "Well, as long as you got Kasparov."
Archer: "Oh, uh, yeah, about that...."


Archer: "Wait, so you're kicking me out of my house?"
Woodhouse: "Yes, sir, although it pains me dearly."
Archer: "I'm gonna pain you dearly, Woodhouse, after I peel off your skin with a flensing knife, sew it into Woodhouse pajamas, and then SET THOSE PAJAMAS ON FIRE!"


Archer: "Well, whose fault is that?"
Barry: " Yours! You bust in, shoot two perfectly good double agents --"
Archer: "And you think an appropriate response is to ruin my suit?"
Barry: "I--"
Archer: "Oh, and my shirt!"
Barry: "I'm sorry. So will you please just help me up?!"
Archer: "No."


Malory: "Because he'll be back, crying for his mommy! Just like that Christmas break When I moved and forgot to give my new address to his stupid boarding school."
Cheryl: *gasps*
Malory: "I mean, he rode the train into the city all by himself. He couldn't pick up a phone book? Nine years old and bawling in that police station like a little girl! Ha! What's that tell you?"
Cheryl: "Kind of a lot, actually."


Len: "Well, ze lovely Framboise From H.R. 'as some paperwork for you to sign."
Framboise: "'Allo!"
Archer: "'Allo!"
Len: "Why don't you follow her on down to your big new corner office... (whispering) Where the sofa is soaked in Scotchgard."
Archer: "Okay."
Len: "If you know what I mean."
Archer: "Yeah, I think I do."
Len: "It's resistant to stains."
Archer: "Right, right, I got it."


Archer: "I'm sorry, Framboise, it's not you. I mean, it's not me, either. Obviously. But in the office?"
Framboise: "You do not sex on ze women at ISIS?"
Archer: "Constantly! But it's not allowed, and actually, it's probably illegal. But here --"
Framboise: "'Ere we are one big famille."
Archer: "Yeah, and the, uh, 'famille' thing actually makes this borderline creepy."
Framboise: "Perhaps if you tried it from behind?"
Archer: "Yeah, let's try that!"


(Ray walks in on Malory throwing up in the bathroom.)
Ray: "Don't get any on that snappy suit."
Malory: "Don't you have better things to do than mince around and gawk?!"
Ray: "About a million! But Cheryl was too scared to come in here, so I took time out of my busy 'mincing schedule' to tell you that you have a phone call."
Malory: "Is it Sterling?!"
Ray: "I am sure I don't know."
Malory: "Do you know you're a little bitch?"
Ray: "Will you remember this conversation?"
Malory: "Probably not, no."
Ray: "Well, then f--k off!"


Len: (Regarding Malory's burn notice on Archer) "Oh, it must've killed her to do this."
Barry: "(Laughs) And I am smirking."
Len: "NO! You don't smirk at a mother's suffering, Barry! You ASSHOLE!"
(Punches Barry in his wounded arm.)
Barry: "Ow! It's just with the shattered femur and the gunshot wound and -- I don't know if you knew this -- but Framboise and I were kind of engaged."
Len: "I did not know that! And I offered her up like a pudding! Oh, Barry..."
Barry: "Well, engaged to be engaged."
(Punches Barry again.)
Len: "Ass! If you love it, put a ring on it."


Lana: "No, as a matter of fact, I don't have Barry on speed dial."
Cyril: "Well, gee, that's rather surprising."
Lana: "You know what's surprising? Kissing you goodbye at the airport, dozing off in first class, and then seeing you on my flight when I get up to pee! That, to me, is rather surprising."
Cyril: "And really expensive, turns out."


Barry: (Assuming Lana shot Archer) "Barry, does this make up for Framboise? It does, Other Barry, it sure does."


Lana: "Telex! You got one in here?"
Archer: "Why, so you can smash that, too?"
Lana: "No--"
Archer: "Because I'm pretty sure I'm financially responsible for the furnishings!"
Lana: "So I can send a telex from ODIN to make the burn notice from your mother look like an ODIN black flag!"
Archer: "Mother burned ME?!"
Lana: "Apparently."
Archer: "Oh my God, that is classic her!"
Lana: "You're both classic her."


Pam: "Oh my God, it looks like Jonestown in here."
Malory: "Yes, Pam, get me some poison, because I am already dead inside."
Pam: "Too dead inside to read some good news?"
Malory: "Is it my obituary?"
Pam: "Well, it's not that good."


Archer: "Yes, now! Let's talk this out!"
Lana: "Talk what out?! How you ruined my chance to work for ODIN? Or -- ooh! -- Maybe how I just caught my boyfriend balls deep in some french chick!"
Archer: "Ex-boyfriend, I bet."
Lana: "Ya think?!"
Archer: "Yeah, he's not coming back. That chick was like the Pelé of anal."

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