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Jane is an ISIS employee who is often referred to as "Scatterbrain Jane," an unfortunately well-earned nickname that encourages ISIS employees to feel free to use her as a scapegoat.

Jane had breast-cancer, about which Pam gossips with the other ISIS employees. She is seen wearing a Breast Cancer Ribbon in later episodes. It is also revealed that she had sex with Cyril after she just found out she had breast cancer.


  • In "The Rock," she is seen crying over her breast-cancer diagnosis.
  • In "Dial M for Mother," she walks by Cyril's office while Lana is grilling him; the implication is that she had sex with Cyril.
  • In "Blood Test," she appears in a flashback having sex with Cyril.
  • In "Stage Two", she's in the background as Cyril is arrested.


  • In "Dial M for Mother", as Pam puts up the ISIS "Fraternization Policy", numerous other bulletins can be seen, including "Want to Carpool to Chemo on Thurs? Contact Jane in Payroll."

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