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No secret agent series can really claim to not source inspiration from the James Bond books and movies. James Bond is simply that integral to all fictional spydom. Archer, being parodical of the genre, is no exception.


The Wise-cracking Spy - Archer[]

Archer is an exaggeration of James Bond and many other spies.  In terms of James Bond, he imitates the Brosnan, Connery & Moore's tendencies to make wise cracks on kills and other lyrical situations. He also drinks near-constantly, and gambles compulsively. Archer appears a great deal less intelligent though, struggling with concepts such as the safety of Helium and coded radio communication.

The Stern Matriarch - Malory[]

Malory bears close resemblance in personality to the female M who has appeared in all the "modern Bonds" (From GoldenEye to Skyfall). M in the movies has an apparent contempt for Bond and his reckless abandon in getting missions done. As Bond's parents both died when he was young, M serves as somewhat of an unspoken surrogate mother for Bond, albeit a cold, stern one. Archer extends on this by literally making Malory Sterling's mother, and retains M's cranky manner.

Character Relationships[]

  • Archer and James Bond share in the contempt held against their entire respective organisations for their arrogance and cockiness.
  • Archer and Malory's relationship as Bitch-in-charge and cocky agent is, of course, sour.



Monaco, a flourish, yet exotic European locale would be all too typical for a James Bond movie. The episode it appears in, Jeu Monégasque, has some in-jokes to James Bond itself, including unfurling mostly in a casino and featuring Le Chuffre, a parody of Le Chiffre. It can be also somewhat a parody to the Casino Royale novel and 2006 film.

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