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"Identity Crisis" is the premiere episode of the twelfth season of Archer, being the one-hundred and nineteenth episode overall.



Archer and the gang just saved the world from a nuclear catastrophe and their reward is five nights in a rat-infested Moldovan hotel.



Extra! Extra! Spy master uses outdated media!

A few months after the agency saved the world from a nuclear war, the Cloudbeam marketing team explain to Archer and the agency (minus Lana) that they could've gotten them the fame and adulation they deserve, but instead the U.S. government covered up the incident, withheld payment and the agency can barely keep the lights on. Blame is placed on tough competition from the new spy conglomerate International Intelligence Agency and it is revealed Cheryl smashed the phone and didn’t tell anyone. The agency then applies for a high profile contract on the Global Spywire (GSW) and compete with the IIA for it. Lana joins the others as they sign up for a revival bounty job involving a scientist named Colt and his prototype invention, which takes them to Moldova. Due to their very low funds they can only stay at a low rate, disgusting hotel. There they met Fabian Kingsworth head of IIA where he mocks Archer calling him the shadow of his former self. Provoked, Archer and Lana follow IlA while Cyril and Ray stay in their rooms to track Fabian's movement.

Meanwhile, Pam and Cheryl become the agency's new marketing team and try to come up with advertising ideas and a new name for the agency. While Malory tries to find a benafactor to fund their agency.

On the mission Lana confides in Archer that she is having marital problems with Robert and wonders if she made the right choice in marrying him. They soon come across the IIA men and incapacitate them, then Archer steals a helicopter. He picks up Cyril and they fly towards the target, while Ray and Lana steals a IIA Humvee. They find the truck holding Colt, heading towards the border line of Transnistria. Archer manages to open the lower top of the truck with his helicopter, but is soon shot down by Fabian's henchman and are forced to jump on top of the truck. Meanwhile Lana and Ray try to hold off the shooters with the high tech weapons already in the Humvee. Lana gets a call from Pam asking her about the idea for " Spys and Dolls" for a branding name, Lana angerly hangs up on her. She then gets a second call thinking its Pam again angerly insults her to stop calling her and hangs up, but its actually Robert who was trying to call her and is with Malory signing papers, revealing that he bought the agency.


I'm here to rescue you.

Archer soon manages to break into the truck with his cane that is equipped with a jaws of life, then he meets Colt and proceeds to save him. Suddenly Fabian comes in gets into fight with Archer. Archer holds his own with Fabian, but is defeated due to his weaken leg. Fabian breaks his cane in two, then steals the prototype, mocking Archer as he leaves. However Colt tells him that the prototype is useless without him, which Archer takes as a victory, but then the truck crashes into the border line patrol.

Back at the agency, they now have Colt but now, he's in a coma due to the truck crash. However they still get the reward money plus medical expenses for keeping Colt with them. Malory then tell Archer and the gang that they now have a new benefactor (Robert) and can now afford to keep the agency going, for now.


Cultural References[]

  • Silly Rabbit - Fabian calls Ray a "silly wabbit" a reference to the trademark Trix cereal signature phrase "Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!"

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Phrasing - By Archer as Lana indicates it's hard to talk about her relationship problems with Robert.
  • Archer advises Lana to have a person who annoys her eat a bowl of spider webs, one of Archer's punishments for Woodhouse.
  • Archer uses his old season 4 undercover alias Chet Manley at the hotel front desk, an alias that was created in Chet's honor
  • On the whiteboard of ideas a stick figure of Pam is drawn with a dolphin puppet referencing her preferred mediation tool as the Head of HR in earlier seasons.


  • Reference to when Archer and the agency saved the world in "Cold Fusion".
  • Fabian calls Archer a shadow of his former self and says he used to look up to him, a call back to his pre-coma reputation as the world's greatest spy.
  • Lana starts to question her marriage to Robert.


  • Robert buys the Agency.


First Appearances[]


Ray: "The hell is dark science?"
Krieger: "It's basically science, but darker..."


Cyril (Archer Impression): My name's "Archer", I'm a egomanic who endangers every mission with my self-serving narcissism. Also I'm inebriated almost 24 hours a day.
Archer: Ha!! That was pretty good actually. Lose the almost and then take it again.


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