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  • At some point in the past, Ibadan adopted an homeless orphan known as Half-Pint from a life on the streets, teaching him about the importance of a countries culture.



Ibadan, is the capital city of Nigera, another parallel to Indiana Jones who used an alter-ego with a name of a place as his first name, further suggesting that Ibadan is an Indiana Jones parody, of sorts.


Ibadan Peters is most likely a parody of Indiana Jones.

  • The first thing he says when snatching the plaque for the first time is "This does not belong in a museum" - a direct mirroring of Indy's expression regarding the Cross of Coronado in The Last Crusade.
  • When leaving the truck after the truck fight he swings out of the truck using bolas in the same way Indy would swing with his whip, before reaching for the plaque and snatching it from under the closing door (in the same way Jones grabs his hat from under the door in Raiders of the lost Ark).
  • Later a colony of voles runs out of a crate prompting Ibadan to say "Voles, why did it have to be voles?" - a twist on Indiana Jones quote about snakes also in Raiders.
  • Lastly his sidekick, Half-pint is likely named in a similar vein to Indy's sidekick Short Round in Temple of Doom.