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Unauthorized entry triggers a phone call to the alarm company.

The ISIS security system is the series of alarms and security protocols designed to prevent unauthorized entry. Despite the fact that ISIS headquarters is a world-class spy agency, if unauthorized entry is detected it uses a standard security telephone call-tree protocol.

The telephone call-tree protocol is a system in which an activated alarm triggers a phone call to the alarm company. The alarm company then calls certain employees, at ISIS the call-tree definitely includes Lana and Malory. After calling the employees, the police are called.

It also includes security shutters, fingerprint scanners and retina scanners. It can be enabled and disabled with a through the telephone system. However, if it accidentally disabled the system cannot be re-armed for ten minutes.

Security Code Commands[]

The system is armed and disarmed via a telephone. The following code commands are known:

  1. . #. 6. #. 5. 2. Total Lock Down: all security systems will be activated and on high alert
  • . *. 6. Complete Security Reset: all security systems will reset to the original configuration and remain deactivated for 10 minutes

Operating System Features[]

This system is powered and controlled by the ISIS mainframe and all the information is stored in servers inside the mainframe. The security system is programed to:

  • Gathers event from System Management Facility and an Operating System interface
  • Use servers records to create and update profiles
  • Record user activity and then check during real-time monitoring looking for anomalies
  • Define specific security events with an Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Configurable rules within the interface to filter out non-critical events
  • Security events are passed to outside devices that are previously programed to receive the data
  • Run every access thru a state of the art Firewall
  • Accept interlink number codes or voice commands given by direct line or mobile phone
  • Control security camaras and editing programs
  • Allow security chages after the user pass clearance to mainframe or servers
  • Allow access to secured areas after optaining clearance code from biometric systems of all kinds