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The ISIS Mainframe

The ISIS Mainframe is a room in ISIS headquarters that houses some of the primary computer records for the office. It's also where the backup battery shutdown is located. This room is the target of Sterling Archer's plan to gain access to so he can modify the records of his expense account. The mainframe is password protected, but the password is "guest."

A sign posted on the door states that mainframe access is restricted to section heads only. This is true despite the fact that in later episodes the mainframe door is practically always open.

Security Measures[]

There are three countermeasure systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to the mainframe. They are supposed to make Fort Knox look like a gingerbread house. Though in actuality, it's not that useful.

  • Pressure Sensitive Floor, which might just be a mousetrap
  • Sound Sensitive, anything above a whisper sets it off
  • Voice Activated Entrance, this state of the art technology allows only ISIS section heads. This can be tricked with a cell phone recording.


  • In "Mole Hunt", Archer spends much of the episode attempting to gain access to the mainframe to deal with his operations account.
  • In "Skorpio", the staff hang around in the room instead of doing their work, including Dr. Algernop Krieger building Fort Kickass until he burned the room down in response to the company screwing him on life insurance policy.
  • In "A Going Concern", Lana and Barry Dylan get trapped in the mainframe's vault to prevent them from interfering with Archer's scheme to stop the ODIN sale.
S03E09-Malory-Krieger mainframe

This all has to come out.

  • In "Bloody Ferlin", Dr. Krieger goes along with a ruse Lana has enacted and feints to Malory that the mainframe needs replacing.
  • In "Sitting", Archer is led at gunpoint into the room by Farooq, who forces him to install spyware into the CIA computer system.