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ISIS Headquarters

ISIS Headquarters is the home base of operations of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). It is located in New York City on the corner of a busy city block. Malory Archer is the owner and spymaster for ISIS. She also owns the entire building that ISIS is run out of, however she has leased out 3 of the floors for financial reasons.

The bottom floor was 4-5-6 Laundry, a wash and fold operated by an Indian-American owner. It has since been sold to Popeye a former loan-sharking pimp gone legitimate, who renamed the business Popeye's Suds and Duds.

It was shut down by the FBI, than reopened again after ISIS merged with CIA but after the gang got black listed after they failed a very important mission and it was shut down again.

During Archer's three year coma, the headquarters was reopened under a new name 'The Agency'. After Fabian Kingsworth bought the agency, the headquarters was cleared and shut down. He later sold it back to the gang, and under Lana's leadership has finally become a legitimate and competent spy agency.

Offices and Rooms of ISIS[]


S06E01-Hologram office

The hologram office.

  • In the pilot "Mole Hunt", ISIS HQ is in a different building, one of an older brick skyscraper design. All subsequent episodes show it in a more modern building.
  • In "El Secuestro", the ISIS sat link screen shows ISIS HQ at GPS coordinates 33.806333, -84.344165. This actually appears to be the location in Atlanta of the former production offices of 70/30 Productions and Floyd County Productions. Floyd County has since moved to a new complex in downtown Atlanta.
  • In "The Holdout", Cheryl architects a hologram remake of the office to fool Malory.