ISIS Headquarters

ISIS Headquarters is the home base of operations of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). It is located in New York City on the corner of a busy city block. Malory Archer is the owner and spymaster for ISIS. She also owns the entire building that ISIS is run out of, however she has leased out 3 of the floors for financial reasons.

The bottom floor was 4-5-6 Laundry, a wash and fold operated by an Indian-American owner. It has since been sold to Popeye a former loan-sharking pimp gone legitimate, who renamed the business Popeye's Suds and Duds.

Offices and Rooms of ISISEdit


  • In the pilot Mole Hunt, ISIS HQ is in a different building, one of an older brick skyscraper design. All subsequent episodes show it in a more modern building.
  • In the episode El Secuestro, the ISIS sat link screen shows ISIS HQ at GPS coordinates 33.806333, -84.344165. This actually appears to be the location in Atlanta of the former production offices of 70/30 Productions and Floyd County Productions. Floyd County has since moved to a new complex in Downtown Atlanta.
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