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Malory's card

The Black Titanium Credit Card is a credit card with an unlimited line of credit. Many of the ISIS staff believed it didn't exist, like an invisible no-limit unicorn, and was a myth. Malory lent it to Lana and Ray to use for expenses to charter a private jet to Hawaii, and perhaps purchase a personal aircraft to retrieve Archer.


Known charges[]

  • A private jet charter
  • A bunch of expensive over-the-top food for Ray.
  • A "twink" escort, which Ray used for foot rubs and makeup work. "This was offensive to Lana for obvious reasons."
  • A large cabin cruiser.
  • The honeymoon suite at The Tuntmore, along with copious amounts of room service, food, massages, manicure, pedicure, etc.


  • The card's number is 8008-1326-0026-1422. This card number doesn't seem to be valid (it doesn't pass Luhn check, and its prefix doesn't match any real issuing bank).
  • The card number begins with spelling out "boobie" in numerals.
  • The card's full number wasn't known until the episode The Honeymooners.
  • The card is in Malory Archer's name but uses ISIS money.
  • The security number is unknown as of now.
  • Also called the Black Titanium Corporate card.
  • Cyril hated it when Malory decided to loan the card to Ray and Lana.
  • This card is actually a reference to an old conspiracy theory. Legend had it that the super elite had these no limit black cards and was able to obtain access and services ordinary people could scarcely dream of, which later became a reality with the 1999 introduction of the American Express Centurion card, which has no spending limit, is only available to high-net-worth customers by invitation, and is made of anodized titanium. This is part of a trend in which Malory is shown as being part of various covert conspiracy operations and having connections to famous and powerful people.